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  • Ooooh shuddup. xP

    ;-; THIS SONG JUST PUTS ME IN A GOOD MOOD ALL THE TIME. SONG OF HAPPINESS. <3 *I say as I plan the dramatic scenes of my fic*
    Gatomon: Eh bien, je comprends, mais des tours ne sont pas toujours nuisible. Parfois, ils peuvent non seulement être acceptable, mais utile, en fonction de l'intention. Cependant, il est encore votre souhait.
    8D I really don't know. I watched 5 episodes in a row and just fhkdjgafg. It's like Steins;Gate with the cliffies. Episode 3 though, has some much needed humor.

    Also for Skype, you may want to uninstall and reinstall it...maybe that'll help it?? =O
    Gatomon: Jamais je ne sais que les couteaux normales sont sensibles. Oops... it just happened again! Et je comprends ... vous vous souciez TRÈS, TRÈS profondément pour lui, c'est exact? Sur cette note, nous devrions mettre ce plan en action plus tard cette semaine à tous ou si vous êtes satisfait de la nuit dernière? Qu'en pensez-vous? Si vous n'êtes pas satisfait, n'hésitez pas à me le dire, je vais essayer de mon mieux pour vous aider. Ugh... my tongue is going wild... or is it my brain?
    Well you know what Jess? //You'll waste time with me over the holidays. xDDD BECAUSE WE CAN HANG OUT ON SKYPE. 8D and pay attention to dear Marco.

    I don't know my favorite characters seem to be Armin and Marco omg.
    Gatomon: Mots tranchants, hein? Comment forte? Non, vraiment, je suis juste curieux, pourriez-vous me donnez la comparaison approximative de la netteté de ses paroles à celui d'un objet pointu?

    *Gatomon blinks.*

    Gatomon: Wait, which language did I just blurt out? On that note, did you ever wonder how us Digimon came to know English upon birth?
    Gatomon: I have a request. Please do not get into a fight with him anytime soon... he would stop getting better and go downhill if that happens, so please do not do it, even if he says something weird or even offensive... he has a reputation to maintain, after all...

    [Well, good for you! :3 But all colleges are not the same, are they?

    Hm... I have never really heard of something along those lines before...

    Kari: Joe, what is it?
    Joe: My stomach.
    Kari: What's wrong, does it hurt?
    Joe: No. I'm just doing this because it's fun.

    ^ Unless Joe is being sarcastic... I cannot really comprehend what he means... unless he has gone crazy...]
    Gatomon: Something is strange... is he hiding something? No, we should not suspect him unnecessarily. He probably just needs some time to himself.

    [Well, I do not know what college life is like... what is it like, by the way? I get you say that it is awesome, but what else?

    Then this quote! XD

    Digimon Emperor: Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa... oh, it's not that funny.]
    Gatomon: Well... why does he never sleep? One thing us cats can never understand...

    [I just found this.

    Vademon: All those that are greedy fall into the pit.
    Izzy: I'm not sure I comprehend what you're talking about. What are you accusing us of being greedy for?
    Vademon: Wanting to know too much of course. You're sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.
    Izzy: What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information?
    Vademon: See, you're doing it again. You can't seem to stop yourself. You're headed straight into the pit if you don't learn to control yourself.
    Izzy: How come?
    Vademon: You don't even know that you're doing it.
    Izzy: I don't?
    Vademon: It's like a disease with you. Oh well, nice knowing you.

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