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  • P.S. I just saw that you put Pokémon on your hate/dislike list on your profile... how come? And why are you on this site if that is true? I am just curious... ;) Thanks... lol. XP
    OMG, I am so sorry that I am getting back to you so late! Your message must have slipped my eye... sorry! XD And thanks so much! :3 That is so nice that you do that to people who are having a Birthday each day... I am really lucky you picked me since we both love Owl City, haha! :D

    WOAH, that is a REALLY hard question... and I can't believe you actually know his name and don't just call him the "Owl City guy" (no offense, as I mean this in a good way! There are WAYYY to many people who don't know hardly anything about him and think he has only made two songs: Fireflies and Good Time). :/

    If I HAD to choose, than it would have to be "The Real World". I just can relate to that song very well, and it makes me feel happy every time I hear it. :3 Some other favorites are "When Can I See You Again", "Shine Your Way", "To the Sky" (you can tell that I like the songs that he has made for movies, can't you? ;) ), "Fireflies", "Good Time"... I could go on forever! XD What are yours? :3

    P.S. Sorry for getting back to you so late once again! :/
    Gatomon: *Hears Robyn this time.* Wha... what happened?

    [I have to go now! Good evening and good night in advance!]
    Gatomon: I-I never want to see him again! That smirk, that voice... he... he disgusts me! And after he did that, no... no...
    ???: We shall meet later... I do not intend for publicity, after all... though I suppose that is inevitable.

    Gatomon: *Wakes up, sweating.*


    I see.]

    ???: Why? I am merely stating my opinion... is that illegal?

    Gatomon: ...

    ???: Got you, did I?

    Gatomon: NEVER! Well, you state your opinion, that is all nice and dandy, but I am stating my opinion, too, through asking you how you dared to describe him that way! *Growls and scratches violently in her sleep.*

    [Looks like Wilson and Whimsy... are in a fix.

    I see... Maxwell seems to be a really self-respecting person.]
    [ I know you think so. But for you, you can imagine Dawn instead of Misty and Buneary instead of Togetic, and the point of the storyline would be exactly the same as with Misty and Togetic for me. ]
    Gatomon: *Growls softly in her sleep.*

    *~Dream World.~*

    ???: So... we meet, yet again.

    Gatomon: Just what I did NOT hope for. What do you want? *Bares teeth.*

    ???: Now, now, lost, are you? I have come to take you back home. Come.

    Gatomon: Never! Not after what you did to... him!

    ???: Who? Oh, that one? I keep forgetting, his existence was that insignificant. Now, now, Gatomon, I took you in, am I not great?

    Gatomon: HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT HIM?! *Growls.*

    [What kind of idea? What is currently going on in the Fan Fiction, by the way?
    I see... it is amazing how they have reconciled... Robyn seems to really love Maxwell, but do you think... that very, very deep inside, she despises him for that?]
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