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  • I've never ridden in a bus before. ^^; Some of the stories I hear about it from my friends make me laugh becaue some of the people on them are weird. XD But the bus making you sick isn't good at all. :/ Do you have anyone you could carpool with maybe? Haha I know this is a but late but yeah there have beenna couple of WS pics for Valentine's day, I'm not so sure about fanfics unless you wrote one. ;D It's no problem, I know you'll do fine and like you said secure those high marks. XDD (I'm assuming you mean grades) You dont sound jerkish at all! Nothing wrong with being smart. :p

    Thats so cool. I normally daydream too but not about new ideas for a story or something. XD I actually have a story I'm supposed to be writing this weekend for English using these 20 vocabulary words we have to define. Care to help me think of a good plot? :p Why are you banned from the laptop did you get into trouble? :eek:

    Ohh I see, it's not actually on the computer yet. I don't think you've ever mentioned your writing book before but that's a great idea to always have something to write your thoughts or ideas down for any upcoming prices you might write. Omg that's a huge essay! I'd die if I had to write that. Good luck to you!

    Anywho sorry for getting back to you a bit late, and if your stories are updated on FF I'll be sure to get caught up with them. ^^ Reply back soon~
    It's alright. After all, there's nothing you can do about, though the bus thing is actually so annoying! It makes me feel like I wanna puke every morning since I'm not very good with the whole travelling thing. Have there been any cute Valentine Wishfulshipping fics or pics up here on Serebii today? Either way, Happy Valentines Day! Otherwise known as Singles Awareness Day...
    And thanks for the kind words about the business class; I can only hope it all goes right and I get a good, sturdy mark to secure my already-high level. I sound a little jerk-ish, I know! xD

    So am I: Drive for fanfiction is something I (not to mention my audience, no matter how small...) thrive from every day! Seriously, if I'm not physically writing, I'm drafting ideas or dreaming about them! xD I've tried to update but right now FFN isn't supporting my "ACWOM" file, so I may have to wait a couple of days. Plus, I'm banned from the laptop anyway and have only got on here because my mom went shopping... ^^;

    Of course I wouldn't mind; for now, it's just a draft in my writing book I always carry around with me (y'know about that, right?) but I'm planning on copying up in neat on the computer soon, perhaps when school is a little less busy. For science over the half term, I have to write a twenty page essay describing whether Global Warming is real or not... -_-'

    Get back to me soon and hopefully my stories should be updated either early this morning (we're seriously talking 2/3am in the morning! xD) or tomorrow whilst my mom's at work. PM me back soon! :D

    Oh that sucks. I'm really sorry you have to share your room with your sister and that your new house isn't exactly that comforting. :/ Haha and don't worry about the bus thing that's not petty at all! I would feel same way as you and it's not your fault that you have to take it too. That's great news about the business class, I'm actually going to be testing to see if I can take AP U.S. History next year myself. :D I'm sure you'll test into that class easily. :p

    You're still just busy as ever I see. I'll admit I haven't been keeping up with fanficton as much nowadays but if you remind I'll check out your new stories definitely. ^^ I'm glad you've still got that drive and new ideas as always. And if you have loose chapters floating around you might as well post them already. XP

    Well starting a new story doesn't sound uneventful to me. XD When you ever get around to finishing up a decent part of it I'd love to read it if you wouldn't mind. If you could get that published you'd be like an actually author before you've graduated from high school. XD Now that would be something.

    It's nice hearing from you too. ^^ Get back to me whenever you can~ :D
    Meh, the new house kinda sucks... Plus, I have a box for a bedroom and I have to share it with my annoying little sister... Dx
    Structurely, it's better, but in terms of both area and comfort, it has nothing on my old house. Plus (and this is gonna sound really petty but still) getting buses to school every morning just isn't working for me and I'm getting a ton of lates because of it... :/ School is alright though. I have a business exam coming up soon because they figured I'd be smart enough to take it early! :)

    In terms of stories, it's been going great. I'm starting a brand new Strawberryshipping story and both of my Wishfulshipping ones, plus Handcuffed, is coming along nicely, the latter being almost finished as I aim to update it either today tomorrow, or by latest Wednesday. The brand new story will be called "My Little Vixen", but if you're interested, it'll be up on FFn.net soon with summary and details inside it, so you can check it out there if you really want to! It's Memory Time is coming along great and ACWOM is also running smooth, two more chapters of it having been sitting in my folder for the past month or so... xD

    As far as life, I'd have to say it's as boring as yours! ;P ;P Uneventful and boring pretty much. :p However, I'm working on an original story (a book of some sorts) and I aim to send it in somewhere to be reviewed and possibly published soon (and by soon, I mean some time in the next three years probably, knowing my GREAT time-keeping skills! xD) so hopefully that'll work out. :)

    Like I've said, it's brilliant to hear from you again! :D
    It's okay. ^^ I was just wondering where you went since I hadn't heard from in like 2 months or so. XD I hope you're settling in well to your new house. I've never moved before but I'm sure it's a hassle. Glad you have your Internet back as well.

    I'm doing good, school is fine and what not I don't want to sound like things have been uneventful but same old, same old practically. And yourself? (Minus moving of course)
    So sorry I haven't been on for a while; I recently moved house again and I was gonna let you guys know about it - see, my internet was supposed to be cut off on Saturday, so I was gonna post a note before then, but Sky - being unproffessional and all! - cut it off early, Wednesday to be exact. It's been a couple of months since I've had internet, but I'm finally back on now.

    It's so nice to hear from you ObliviousCatastrophe! :D How are you?

    I always like your work, you're a great writer. :D I want to think that the voice is her grandma but I'm not too sure because that might seem too obvious. :pP I'm doing good, what about you? ^^ I'm so glad it's winter break and almost Christmas time. Hey btw are you able to battle using wifi? If so I can give you my friend code. :D
    Hi! I'm so glad you liked it! ^-^ Yep, and I'll think it'll be suprising about the "person's" link too; a little bit of a mystery unrevealed if you get me. ;)
    Thanks for reading! :) How are you?? ^-^
    Jess I just read The Locket, another great chapter. ^^ Iris needs to start listening to that voice inside the pendant. :p I don't trust that Casey girl either. xD
    That's good. So am I, or at least... I'm still alive. xD I tend to steer towards Skyla aswell; she seems like more of a fun character, though I like Elesa too. She's quite the tough gym leader! It took me at least seven times to beat her and those... Annoyingly amazing Emolgas of hers... ^^; Heh he... Troll...^^;...

    Brett? That's a cool name. ^-^. Just one question. Although you're organising the Secret Santa thingy for the Wishfulshipping thread, are you taking part in it too? I just thought it'd be nice if someone did something for you too seen as though you put in the work to manage the occasion. ^-^ If not... Well... I have a couple of ideas. Someone could be able to come through for you... ;)

    PM back soon!
    Oh Hey Jess :D I'm fine really. Thanks. I like Elesa a lot but I love Skyla even more than Elesa. Btw You can just call me Brett for short since that is my name. :) What about you?
    Jess my computer access is still limited I'm afraid. u.u So I haven't made a post anywhere since early October I think. xD And honestly haven't checked the Wishful thread for about a month and a half or so I don't know what's going on at all. I'd love to be apart but I feel like I wouldn't be able to because I'm caught up with some school responsibilities that of course are more important. ^^; Hopefully when things let up I'll be back but I still support WS from the sidelines. :D
    I also rather liked it when Pansear got mad and he went all red and... Lol, t'was laughing for a while at them arguing! xD Maybe he eats when he's upset? D'aww, even the concept is cute... :3 Still, it's not fair that he can eat so much crud and then still be that thin; he must have a high metablilism... Or he wears himself out evenly with his hyper-activity. xD
    I hope it gets subbed soon! :)

    xDDD I watched it twice I think. I just loved it X333 I'm more of a Dento fangirl...so my favorite part was when they were all in the sun =333 That WAS cute though...him eating doughnuts rofl. Yeah mine is too, but they all get subbed eventually ^^
    Lol, you know me too well! I musta watched it through at least once or twice now. Gah, eating doughnuts and drinking soda... Gah! So cute... Why'd he have to be so damn adorable...? -.- Even not understanding the epi fully was worth it; my Japanese is EXTREMELY limited... xD

    This is officially the best Christmas ever...

    Thanks Poke_Maniac... :3 <3
    @Oblivious Catastrophe - It's nice to see you! Are you gonna get involved in the "Secret Santa" thing going on down in the Wishfulshipping forum? 'Cause we still need quite a few more participants and you're quite a strong supporter. Think you can find the time?

    @CcangleoPearl - That's cool. Just wanted to check you received it because I felt awful leaving you hanging around waiting for a reply for so long! Sorry about that by the way... ^-^;

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