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  • Hehe. Well, your private message is sitting in my inbox, and I managed to fire off my own reply to it a few minutes ago. Take your time reading and responding to it, and as ever, I will look forward to your comments.
    CcangleoPearl - I'm just wondering whether you received my email. It isn't showing up on my computer, but I don't know if it's the same for everybody (the email that you sent only shows once the person replies) and I didn't want to bomb-bard you witht he same message three or four times, so I felt it was best to check. Hope you did since it was rather long and I'm not keen on re-writing it all! xD

    (sweatdropping and laughing nervously) Erm... You can thank -- or blame -- my penchant for wanting to be as thorough as I could in answering your curiosity, in the sense of providing as much context as I could. Please feel free to respond with a private message of your own, and I'll wish you success and the best of luck with those remaining school-related endeavors you have.
    Ah! And by the way, that is a VERY long message. xD

    But I will respond to it when I get some free time. For now, I'm caught up in homework and school but I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Greetings once more, and thank you for your compliment about my grammar. Your curiosity about my broader interests I find notable, but the private message I just sent you regarding that subject might very well shock you, especially the last paragraph. I am actually also a member of one more Internet forum that I believe I mentioned in that private message, but perhaps that'll be another subject for another time.
    @Ccangelopearl1362 - Thanks! Just so you know, I DID get my shoe back... xD Some idiot hid it in a different drama room's prop cupboard and it was in between these two (Prop!) beer bottles... x'D Anyways, I'll be sure to thank Pearlmasterking aswell; s/he has good taste in shippings. You have other interests beside Pokemon?? I'd love to know! :D So, what sort of things do you learn? Like, what do you study? Are you in high-school or college? I'm in high-school. :3 And of course I wouldn't mind if you explained yourself further! Go ahead! :D Oh and have you ever considered writing something? Because your grammer and Eglish in general is very good! ;3

    ObliviousCatastrophe - Alright, that's fine. :) Thanks! You too, though it's a tad late... ^^; Sorry about that. xD

    Interesting thought. Hopefully, you succeed in typing that new Wishfulshipping Thanksgiving idea of yours, but also recovering that shoe. You can give Pearlmasterking the credit for successfully persuading me to add Wishfulshipping to my thoughts about romantic friendship in Pokémon, among other developments surrounding my broader interest in Japanese cartoons. That said, it would appear that those very same reflections ended up converging on a trend occurring inside the United States, as well, adding everything I've been studying and learning in the past several years together. Would you mind if I explained myself further?
    Hi there Ccangelopearl1362. From such a grand entrance, I see you're on the Wishfulshipping forum. ;) Thanks for the Thanksgiving message and I sincerely hope that you have a good one too. ^-^

    Speaking of what Cilan and Iris would be thanful for, I guess that I must be thankful when I tell you that you've not only given me an idea for a fanfiction but a RECENT idea for a fanfiction! Wishfulshipping celebrating Thanksgiving! Thanks! :D

    As for how I am, let's just say that aside from having my shoe taken in my drama lesson (we have to take our shoes off 'cause we're in a studio) and having to walk home in odd SHOES... I'm pretty good thanks. :3

    And you?? :D

    Good morning from my corner of the world, fellow Wishfulshipper, and happy early Thanksgiving. I could have fun pondering what Cilan and Iris would be thankful for this particular year, and yet, something else may echo within my mind, in the form of a message that that aforementioned dream a couple of weeks ago sent me. Are you doing well, by any chance?
    Ah, you'll just have to wait and see what my messed up mind can come up with... ;D And yeah, it IS updated and on chappie two now but I'm gonna have to start working on my ChilixRuby things because I've been neglecting them since I started this Wishfulshipping challenge... ^^; I've been so focused on Cilan and Iris that Ruby's missing out on the Doofiness! :( ... xD

    And yeah, I know right?! Phones and stuff, I see them, as just a waste of time 'cause they end up breaking more than they actually work! xD Anyways, gotta log off now so that I can brainstorm ways to give this one douche-bag in my class the silent treatement... Y'know, other than... Staying silent...
    Well maybe if you could help me brainstorm an idea or something I could always give it a shot. ^^; Ill keep my fingers crossed on that one. :p Oh thats nice news I'll check to see if it's updated later tonight. :D

    I know! We create machines to make our lives easier yet at the same time they constantly get us all frustrated whenever they break. D; I miss having my computer. :/
    You shure as heck could write something worthwhile! I'm just glad youe enjoyed it so! It should be updated TODAY actually! :D But yeah, if you ever need help developing plot bunnies or whatever, you can ask me and I'll help and then you can write it and post your first Wishfulshippy wonder-work... I mean... thingy! ;D

    And I know how you feel! Entirely! Thatw as one of the reaons I couldn;t get back to you on FFN if you remember! ^^; God, technology is such a drag these days... :/
    I missed talking to you as well! I've had a hard time getting back to people because I've had a busted computer for the past month and a half. :/ I just read your ficlet last night and it was really great as usual! ^^

    You think I can actually write something well for Wishful? ^^; I'm not so confident in my abilities actually.
    Hey! I actually missed chatting to you! Hope you're alright and good! My Wishfulshipping challenge is up and running on FFN.net. Hope you enjoyed it. ^-^
    Are you ever gonna write anything for Wishfulshipping?? :3
    XDDD Yeah I should. I'll try to. I was guessing that XD Oh look Casey is like Cabernet :p hehe sorry XDDD Cabernet is funny, but I wish she'd turn into a Wishfulshipper XDDD Yeah I can understand that. I'm not too active on fanfiction because I don't feel like logging in each time XD; Oh oh! I read that X333 man! You're putting people to tears on that thread XD I thought it was really sweet :) keep up the good work~

    Lol it seems more beneficial right now; though I can imagine it could cause problems when you get a bit older. I'm not sure though xD; I only take Psychology and we didn't learn much about Insomnia. I keep myself amused with my imagination as well xD Imagination is a wonderful thing, and that's one of the reason why I like to be cracky on the WS thread.

    Okie dokie~~
    I suppose you're right there! :D You should' reviews make everyone feel good! ;) I didn't find it confusing either, obviously! Yeah, let's just say Casey won't exactly be... "beneficial" to Iris and Cilan, nor anybody else. ;D I suppose I should've expected it by now, but still, I would appreciate a little patience form my readers too! :D Oh, and I posted my new Wishful fiction on the thread so, if you wanna check that out, y'can too!

    Oh, from about eight, I've been an insomniac; I've always been sleep deprived, but it wans't so bad when I was younger. Reaching the age of about seven, I started having issues with my sleeping pattern and I got taken to the doctors and discovered I had a mild case of insomnia. But ever since then, my writing has improved massively, so I've been keeping myself amused with my own imagination, leaving my insomnia to get worse, though I didn't know it...

    Rest of message will be in next message as I'm stupid and started this message about two minutes to my bed-time... xD
    You're welcome :3 I'll try to leave more reviews haha. Really? I didn't find it confusing =o I have a feeling Casey will cause some problems...amirite? XD Well that's what happens when you have fans :p

    I'm not an insomniac, but I've been staying up later ^^; I used to do that...but I'm too obsessed with Pokemon now. So now my attention flits to different parts of Pokemonn xD Sad, I know. Right now I'm into the anime and Dento...and wishfulshipping XD When I was like 10 I'd get into other things but I'd always still liked Pokemon, just not as much.

    Yeah, I agree with you there. I think there are hints really, but not everyone sees them as hints. Oh gosh IKR? Negaishipping ticks me off sometimes ^^; I try not to let it get to me, but it annoys me. I just can't see the fun in Ash x Iris ^^; I get how it's cute, and how they see hints but I really like the support Dento and Iris have for each other despite being opposites. Yes, that is true. I know a lot of people in Japan do that as well (sooo much fanart...too bad it's mostly within their sites ^^; ) but WS seems quite popular in Japan right now..
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