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  • Yeah, I read your review! Thanks so much, and I'm so glad you decided to! :) Apparently, according to some PM's I've received, the chapter was a little confusing because of Casey, but her significance is explained throughout the entire thing so... Geez, sometimes I wish people would hold their horses; I updated one chapter quickly, not the whole blinking plot line! :mad: But anyways...

    Hahaha, I do that alot too as I AM a first class insomniac! ;) I agree though, on a serious note, my interest always flits between shows like the blink of an eye, but I'm managing to stay on pokemon for a while now. Well, I've never really been OFF of pokemon; rather I just got other obsessions that over-powered it, but my pokemon fangirling has always been existant. xD Mainly for Wishfulshipping. And Chili... ¬.¬;

    Same here, I actually think that there are LOADS of hints for Wishfulshipping, but people don't seem to consider them "hints" rather cute moments that happen frequently. But hey, if Negaishipping can get so many hints just because they count every single glance that they share, then so can Wishfulshipping! >:) I'm intent on helping to make Wishfulshipping the strongest BW couple there is; my plan is completely fool proof! ;D Really, it just consists of spreading the word over the internet but... Y'know, not every domination requires an elaborate set of rules to stick to!
    PM me back when you get the chance!
    Oh it's fine XD I reviewed on your fanfiction btw. Yup! It was XDD

    Yeah they do, I think you'd like the manga, just because it is great :3

    I think that happens to everyone. It's easy to lose interest, especially if no one reads them. It's good that there's a place like fanfiction though :3 I don't know how many errors there were, but it was pretty short. I just know I wrote it when I was sleep deprived so no doubt it was weird.

    You know...sometimes I think that, but sometimes I don't. I mean there are somethings that I would call "hints" that people don't really think of it. I could be looking too deep though, but that's one of the reasons why I really like the ship. I see a lot of people who support Wishful not already have an "Ash ship" that they support. I support Poke, but that's not the reason why I support Wishful. I really wish we'd get some heavy hint sometime though ^^; LOL! That's true, it gives the writer more breathing space on how to make their relationship. Like on the WS thread how everything is cracky but believable.
    Oh, I see now! That was the story that I was gonna review but then my laptop closed down and then I just forgot... Sorry about that! ^-^; I really enjoyed it. Was it up here on Serebii too, because I think I recall reading it on here too. :)

    Oh, do they have more involvement in the manga?? Because that would explain alot too, and I'd be able to vary my stories a little. :) I would take the time to read it because all of the books I own have been read at least fifty times each, and I need some change from fanfictions at times; y'know, something that I don't rely on the updaters time and decidance to update for because it's already finished. :)

    Hehehe, I used to do that ALL the time. I still have multiple stories that I need to work on, but I'm just not interested anymore... ^^; I just can't believe I used to write like that as opposed to now; my writing was riddled with mistakes and errors as far as the eye could see! I still make mistakes (who doesn't?), but my writing is neither sloppy nor impossible to read anymore, so it's all good. :)

    About Wishfulshipping, don't you think that we're kind of lacking on hints? I mean, it seems to be the most popular ship of BW series (because of the dislike for Negai, because so many people already supported Ash with someone before Iris was even introduced. Statistically, it's supposed to be the least popular Ash ship there is! That shouldn't make me cheer but.... YAY!! :D) and yet there are hardly any hints to go by! D: But then again, I guess that's what makes brilliant fanfiction; if there are too many hints, then it leaves no scenarios left to write about! Theoretically anyways... ^-^
    ^^ Yup! That was from me. I decided to have JennaJayfeather be for more "art" type things (I have that account for dA too). For no reason really while I have 00poke_maniac for Pokemon things XD I'm happy you liked it xD

    Oh I see. I don't RP as them for the game ^^; only for the manga. I started reading the character bio's on here and there are several sites where you can read the manga for free :3 However, I did purchase a few volumes from Singapore XD That's one of the problems with pokemon special. Not many people have ever heard of it, or take the time to read it ^^;

    Really? I have one Chapter story that I've been writing but grew bored with xDDD
    I'm just glad you're interested! ^-^ Oh, I didn't know that fanfiction was from you! It's just that your pen name is so different, and so I couldn't really identify you! But I still like it of course. :3

    I don't know; it's just something about the gaming characters that throw me off completely. Maybe it's just lack of detail about the characters because most of them rarely ever appear in the anime. Mangas in this country are extremely hard to find so I never find out anything about them! D:

    Hehehehe, I've never been good with chapter stories till now so it's alright for me now! xD I had commitment issues and such... ^-^;
    Yeah I did. I thought so and I can't wait to find out what role she has XD I can leave one if you'd like. I haven't reviewed anything yet though XDD Yeah I saw that :D that's great that you did ^^

    Thank you so much! X33 I actually drew that on paper first, which is why you can see some gray areas ^^; Actually....I already did XD Really? I love all of those characters. I don't know much about Black and White yet though ^^; but my favorites are: Gold, Silver, Dia and Pearl. I normally RP as them with my friends :) and one of the main reasons why I decided to support Wishful was because of how much the two of them reminded me of Ruby (lol not ur Ruby) and Sapphire :3

    Ah I see. I normally don't write too much so when I get an idea I just write it out ^^; maybe not the best idea for me lol.

    Yup! I want to get rid of the paper areas and exaggerate the shadows a bit more (I should have drawn them in, but I didn't think about it lol)
    Hehehehehe, hope you're enjoying so far! :) You read about Casey right? Yeah, as mentioned, she has a specific role, so don't worry! :D I'd appreciate a review in every way, but if you're not interested in leaving one, then I completely understand! I've reached the seventy way mark for reviews now and I'm mighty proud!! :D

    Oh, I LOVE that fanart! It's good in both mood and proportions. Say, if you have an FFN account, you should totally write some Wishfulshipping! :) Hmm, I've never been one for the representitives for games. I.E: Ruby (not my Ruby! I love her!!), Black, Red, Yellow, e.t.c ... I've just never been one for them... ^^; Though I quite like White/Hilda; she's quite a well-rounded character. :)

    I'm going to draft some ideas, but first I have to work on Handcuffed (my narrative Strawberryshipping chappie story - I say narrative because I've done chapter stories for them, but they haven't been anything more than collections of individual one-shots just posted on the same story. And then there's my one hundred theme challenge...)

    I say that nitpicking is a good idea. Just tidy it up a little; that's what you mean right? Just fix it up a little? :)
    XDDDD Yup! I'm reading it. :x I think I started reading it since you put it up actually. I can't remember. I have a FF account now, but I never do reviews. I would if you'd like me to though xD

    Here it is (I'm not good at Backgrounds yet and I could still clean it up in some areas ^^;)
    Yes (well more like a mix of Ruby and Chili to get Gold xD) Really? o.o; Gold's a pretty epic character. Though, I don't think there are many RPs for Pokemon Special anyways so that could be why.

    That's great! ^^ Yay for sharing. I might post my fanart on there, but I might nitpick it a bit more xD;
    You should see my upperclass peeps... o_O... xD But nevermind about that!

    Yeah, I figured that's all I can do. I've been thinking about, like my Strawberryshipping one hundred themes challenge, I should just go and find one of them, and then search for a topic that catches my interest; no doubt it works, 'cause I've had to do it quite a few times! :p Y'know, my ideas only got stronger, because, without sounding "nerdy" or whatever, the work is too easy! (Apart from maths. I wish someone would just kill me in algebra...That's all we ever do...) I just sit there in most of my lessons, writing away and get my work done too; all the kids make fun but meh, let 'em. We'll see where they are in ten years or so. At least I have some sort of idea about what I wanna do, and I'm gonna stick to it. Of course I'll keep up the hard word! >:)

    And uh, yeah, The Locket is updated. I decided to do it mega quickly, though it's really only a filler chapter. But there is a major issue introuduced and another character is brought into it, because it was getting slightly repetitive with just Cilan and Iris. :)
    Aww thank you. ^^ I wish a lot more people at my school were as friendly as you too. xD Especially the upperclassmen. o.o But that's besides the point. :p

    Take your time on the Halloween fic! Not every author(ess) is able to write something off the top of their heads. As for plot ideas I'm sure the Wishful is chock full of them. xD I would give you idea but all my funny Wishful crack ideas have disappeared since school starts, heck I'm barely active there at all. :/

    Well you're a great writer no doubt, just keep up the good work. :D Btw Dentogirl said she was reading the Locket? Does that mean you updated it? :eek:
    Wow, call me slow and dumb, but I didn't know you were reading "The Locket". Wow, it's so nice to have you as a reader! Thanks! ^-^

    And I'd love to see it. Make sure to gimme a link or something when it's completed! :D Wow, Ruby reminds you of Gold? Hmm, I've never seen that character in play before; don't get me wrong, I know who it is, but I've never really seen anyone very fussed about making him have a major role in any kind of story or RP. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough... ^^; But anyways, if you like her, I'm glad I could provide you with the comedy! xD Y'see, no new hobbies are working for me so I'm just gonna stick with this one for now... Best thing to do, me says... ;D

    Yes, I'll be sure to do it! I'll share it on the Wishfulshipping thread once I'm done! We'll have ane exchange; my fic for your fanart! ;D
    X33 Thank you! I'll show you once it's complete! (I'm reading your fanfic "The Locket" right now) I must say....Chili and Ruby BOTH remind me sooo much of Gold from Pokemon Special. This is a good thing because he's one of my favorite characters X333 What's funny is in the RP that I do, Chili and Gold normally argue because they are too similar XDD XDDD I need a new hobby as well....xDDD

    I think the Halloween one is a great idea. If I could think of a plot I'd give it to you xD;
    @Poke_Maniac - Well, comic or fanart, I'm sure it will be great! ^-^ I'm sure you've made a very smart choice if you haev essays and stuff to do; makes me wish I was that resourceful and organised... xD Oh life is definitely completed with Chili; without him, I'd be nothing... But... You didn't hear it from me... Well, actually you did. Damn, I need to get myself ANOTHER hobby... ^^;

    ObliviouseCatastrophe - Boy, I wish there were people in my school who were as friendy as you; then I'd be stress-free! (from school at at least...)

    Yeah, I've had the idea for a little while now, though it may be either a little earlier, or a little later. I'm not sure for a plot yet. Say, if any of you two have any plot bunnies, feel free to share. I'll give you credit for the plot of course; I'll just write it! ^-^;

    D'aww, I'm just so glad you like 'em. Writing is what I'd like to do as something more than just a hobby, so I'm glad you enjoy it so much! :)
    Of course! Why wouldn't I want to talk to you? We're friends. :D It has been awhile since I've heard from you. ^^; Like maybe a month or so. Oh well you couldn't it. *Hugz back* xD Oh btw I think you doing a Halloween Wishful fic would be a really good idea, like you mentioned in the thread correct? :eek: Because like Dentogirl said your fics are really great. ^.^
    X33 Aww thank you! Scratch the comic btw...I'm working on a fanart piece instead (I have an essay coming up and I don't want that in the way ^^; ) but I'm trying to put my time into this art X3 I'm not sure what completes my life. Sometimes it's Dento and sometimes it's Wishfulshipping XD I might have to say just Dento :p ^^ that's good. I'm glad to hear that :D You're fanfictions are excellent :3
    D'aww, I'm just glad you're still interested in talking to me; I did leave you for a long time even though I was busy with other stuff and my PM's were playing up, and for that, like I said before, I really am sorry for! *Hugs*

    I'm actually rather glad to be back on Serebii and it's like I never left at all; in fact, I remember someone even mentioning me when the word about Chili returning to the episodes was being spread! Hehehe, I can't wait for that episode by the way! :D
    It's okay. ^^ I wasn't sure if you just got busy or didn't have much time for the computer anymore but I didn't think you ignored me. :p It's just nice seeing you back on serebii after your little hiatus.
    Hey, I'm SO sorry I didn't reply to you on FFN. Lately, my PM feature hasn't been working properly so... Sorry about that!

    But, much like I said to Poke-maniac, I'm ever so glad that the Wishfulshipping forum is doing nicely! And The Locket is too; it's on chappie sixteen now! ;) Handcuffed, that Strawberryshipping fic that I was talking to you about for ages and ages, is on chapter five and it's doing great! :D

    What about you! :)
    Wow, I love it! To say that you were just messing around with it, you've done just great! I like it. BW005?? ;)
    Strawberryshipping is actually my meaning for life right now so... xD Though Wishfulshipping is an extremely close second! ;D You like my fanfictions, I enjoy writing my fanfictions; it's win/win! ;D
    PM me back soon! :D

    P.S: I think a comic is a brilliant idea! Gimme a basic plot, 'cause I'm your fwend?? :3... ;D

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