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  • LOL! So you did after all XD It's ok, I would do that for Dento too :p

    Yeah it is X3 I'm happy about that XDD Ooh! Nice I really like your fanfictions :3 I've also read some of your Strawberryshipping ones XD They are nice as well. I'm sure you can :D I really want to make a comic right now XDD I think I'll do that xD also I was bored last night and I was inspired by some pics:

    Hehe I downloaded GIMP a few weeks ago so I have been messing around with it XD I know it can be cleaned up and stuff ^^;
    No, I did not come back only for Ch-- Yeah, so it was basically 'cause I heard someone mention Chili... *Looks away ashamed* ;P

    But I'm glad to see that Wishfulshipping is still doing fantastically in terms of a thread and a shipping alike! I'm gonna work on a Wishfulshipping fanficiton, and also a Strawberryshipping (ChilixOC) story in tribute to halloween too, so... Hopefully I can pull it off! xD Look out for them, if you like! :D
    No problem! ^^ I'm happy I was able to. I'm starting college now, so it's gonna eat up a lot of my time till breaks....or weekend XD Just a matter of getting used to the flow of things I guess. XDD I know I love RPing as Chili....and Dento and Iris. Like I can't rp as Cress worth crap DX I don't know what it is. He's just a troll >.>
    Aww don't be nervous to get back on it. You'll be welcome X3
    Thanks! :3 It fits my new nickname/usertitle more. ^^ I still have to finish strawberries. I will eventually that's all I can say. From the reviews your other story with Ruby has it seems that people like what you've been doing with them so far. Whenever an author takes awhile to update a story if the chapters long I usually don't mind because writing long chapters as you said, must be tedious and take preparation and actually a bit annoying sometimes. But I always respect people who do. x3 Well I honestly haven't written anything decent since February and I've had major writers block from all poetry or short stories that I've wanted to write. .-. I don't know what's wrong with me really. xD I would love to write for Wishful but I'm afraid it wouldn't be that good. ^^; No problem with the review thing and does that mean you replied to my last message that I sent? :eek:
    Hehehehe, I thought I'd mention on a random note that I like your new profile piccy. The female Meowth that is.
    Strawberries is good for a first shot at the pairing in my opinion, but I haven't really got much feedback on it. But from what I did receive, people enjoyed it, and it's been the same with "Friendly Memories". The pairing must be growing on a few people by now! :D
    I like long chapters too, but no matter how fun it is to write, it always does get a tiny bit tedious as the length gets longer... But I still enjoy it! ^-^ You should write a story; at least you'd know that I'd stick by it! ;) But, on a serious note, I'm sure people would stick around for it. It's not hard to write for Cilan and Iris once you get past their different attitudes! (Assuming that you would write A Wishfulshipping one here!)
    And thanks for reviewing by the way, but because of our massive conversation, I didn't want to spam your mail-box with more form me, and by the time I'd submitted my next message to you, I'd completely forgotton about it! So, thanks! :)
    Yeah, lol I still haven't finished strawberries yet but I got the references you made in the first one. And it's no problem you act all surprised when I compliment your work. xD Now that's even better to hear! I love long chapters. ^^ I have no idea what Pokemon you have in mind so I'll look forward to that. Well I'm online now so. xP
    Wow, you like it?? The chappie one, you mean?? :) Either way, thanks so much! ^-^
    The Locket should be really long this time and a fun little encounter with a certain pokemon, (if I've written it right!) should make some people giggle a little. ;3 Talk to you here soon! :D
    And I replied back as well. :p Yay~ That means another update is on the way for sure. ^^ Okay, I'll talk to you later once you're done catching up on your fanfics~ Btw I started reading your chilixoc fic and I'm impressed. :p
    Hey! I replied to your message up on FFN.net. :) Hopefully the question about the project should be answered now. I can't talk right now though because I'm working on The Locket... x3. Will chat later though! (I still have my ChilixOC to update aswell... *grumbles*)
    Wow thanks! I'm just glad you enjoyed it! :D
    Personally, Chili (Along with Cilan and Iris) is my favourite guy to write for. It's really quite fun! x3
    So how's the Wishfulshipping thread because I would go back on it, but because I've been busy upsating my fanfiction and I've lost track, I'm kinda nervous about getting back onto it... D:
    *reads one of your OCxChili* Aww! Good job on it (I haven't finished but I'm reading it right now) I really love how you write as Chili X33
    XDD Oh man. I honestly don't think I can name my favorite animal XDD I like so many. I really enjoy any animal...well except for like parasitic worms and ticks XDD D'aaaw yes foxes are. My dog Jenna, she's a Papillion and she looks A LOT like a fox X3
    Yeah it does >.> meh I have to follow my own goals. I just don't feel comfortable with that stuff right now. I guess there's still a long way to go anyways through college and at least I have a passion XD
    Yes he DOES. He's perfect. I mean they always have the main girl, why not the main guy? XDDD (I wouldn't mind for Iris to get a movie, but I'd rather Dento. It'd be a first) Dento is everything. XDDD I laugh that the brothers can't decide who's the hottest. Pod is the hottest, Dento is the sexiest, and Corn is the trolli-- I mean the coolest XD (I make it such a running gag referring to Dento as "sexy" just because of page 46 of the Wishful thread. The first crack that ever happened XD) XDD I'd take Sommelier...heck I take that back. I'd take CafeMocha and accept it before I accept Negai. I just don't find Negai really that cute =/ Sommelier is alright. Honestly I think I like any ship if Dento's in it XDD but I like Wishful the best, and I wouldn't want to see people give up with it D=
    Yeah, it's MUCH easier. I don't even RP with weirdos I dunno XDD The only problem with that is we combine the manga w/ the anime for our RP and the name Ruby is taken. You could honestly get away with it, coz he never appears but I think it could cause some confusion. XDDD If you want to imagine how our Ruby is, imagine Dento with a camera and way more girly. (I don't know if you're familiar with Pokemon Special, but I highly think that Dento and Iris are based off of Ruby and Sapphire---and their ship is canon ;D)
    Eh it's fine. I'm sorry for MY late reply ^^; we went to the fair lol.
    I love animals too, but my favourite are foxes! I absolutely adore them! :D They're so cute and fluffy... And cute... X3 Random moment= They make me wanna throw a pear at someone! :D They're awesome!
    Wow, it kinda sucks that your parents don't want you to do what you're interested in. I can't stand blood either, but it's torn ligaments and sprains that get to me the most. I don't know, it's just that 1) They just look so out of place and 2) There's nothing much that you can actually do about them... :'(
    Yeah, agreed, Dento does need a big role for a least something! He's perfect show material! He's got the drama, the... Adorable weirdness and the charm! Not to mention the looks, but it looks like that runs in the family because, I mean, look at Chili! xD Yeah, every other ship has been ship teased, and I'm gonna be one mad shipper if they push Negaishipping (In particular!) in peoples faces! D: Sommelier, I don't like, but I would, eventually, adjust, though I would never give up on Wishfulshipping! >:) But, Im serious, I would stop watching the whole, entire show, if Negaishipping came out on top! It makes me wanna barf! :mad:
    ...Ok, shippers rant, over... xD
    RPing with your friends must be alot easier than with a bunch of weirdos that you barely know, huh?? x'D If you ever need a spare character, I would be delighted to get Ruby (My OC in the whole ChilixRuby ordeal that I'm writing! :3) involved. But she might bite the other characters heads off because she's really quite sarcastic... *Looks around to see everyone hiding from Ruby* D:. Or even serve as Chili. :3
    Again, sorry for not replying for so long, but I've been a litle busy. I hope you are well. :)
    XDDD I love badgers..butterflies...oh gosh you may not know this about me, but I really love EVERY animal. When I was younger I was obsessed with animals (I still am xD) I'm going to college soon, and what I want to study in is Zoology...but I don't think my parents want me to ^^; they want me to be a doctor or vet, but I get really squeamish around blood and stuff ^^;
    Oh, it hasn't came out yet...or even spoken of. I'm sure what you heard about Meloetta having a crush on Dento was probably some of my theories for it ^^; I'm waiting for that movie because I REALLY think Dento will have a big role in it. I just have this feeling. =o I so far haven't seen anyone else mention the Dento-Meloetta theory, but I'll be extactic if there's more XDD Lol I just want ONE good hint for Wishfulshipping :< I'll be upset if the writers push Negai or Sommelier. I mean, they've never had a ship tease for this before. They've had Ash/Misty, May/Drew, Brock/every girl, Kenny/Dawn and if you look every Main Girl got some little "Oh is he your boyfriend?" so I think they should change it up a bit =) If my theories are correct on what Dento/Iris are based on then they WILL be ship teased in the future ^^
    Aww D= See I RP with my close friends so I don't really have that issue ^^; I'm sure I can find them, it just takes me to be not LAZY xD
    Oh it's fine. I understand ^^ lol I'm 18 and my parents still tell me to go to bed XDD I'll never forget on the whole "Sexy Dento" thing when that started I was laughing so hard and got sooo hyper my dad forced me to go to bed.
    Ok ttyl!~
    It's a good thing I like badgers though... xD Butterfies are also cool. ;D
    What's the Meloetta movie? Is that one where it's rumoured tha the pokemon has a "crush" on Cilan or something? Because that's what I've heard going round an awfu lot, but I'm not sure if it's that movie you're talking about. ^^; Me too! Wishfulshipping seriously needs more build to it and more of that sticky, gross stuff that keeps it stuck together! x3
    Roleplaying is awesome, but all the good characters are always taken up by the time I get there! D: It's not fair!!! D:< xD But I love to write for Dento, Pod and Iris in particular. :3 I hope you can find them up there, though you shouldn't have much trouble because my penname is the same. :) But, like I said, it's only if you wanna read it! :D
    I would've written more, but gotta go to bed now 'cause mum says so! D:
    Talk to you tomorrow. :3 (Sorry for any mistakes. I was sorta, kinda, totally in a rush! D:
    XDD I see. I don't, I go to bed at normally decent hours. But really though, all my friends are insomniacs so I'm left out XDD LOL! I'm as diurnal as a butterfly!~
    Yeah it's Ash focused. I really have my hopes up for the Meloetta movie to be Dento focused though, because Miyano is an excellent singer XDD I hope it'll be Wishfulshippy :3
    Oh wow I see. Eh I just lost my interest in it because I wasn't to....I don't know I had trouble paying attention to Dawn. Honestly having not as many hints kind of makes it more fun XDD (why do you think all the crack happens in the Wishful thread XD)
    Lol! It's fun, isn't it? I love rping. Sad thing is I have to play as almost all the characters so then my own OC (Granite) gets shoved somewhere D= sad thing is you can't even call her a Sue...she just FAILS that much XD she's the opposite of perfect.
    Oh no, I just browse ^^; I've been thinking about getting an account though xD LOL! Zomg I always love Naughty Dento. It's almost OOC, but the thing is it's NOT. If that makes sense XD
    XDD That is true. Makes perfect logic. Plus you can watch the episosdes LEGALLY and understand them all XDD
    I can probably find it on my own :D It doesn't take me much to look it up XDD
    Hahahaha, I do that all the time because I have insomnia so I find it hard to sleep at night (though I do on occasion). Much easier for me to sleep in the day. God, I'm like a nocturnal animal or something! Here I come, my fellow badgers!:D
    Ash focused again eh?? Geez, can't the writers take a hint and give us something that we actually wanna watch?! xD
    Oh no, I'm 100% ikari. It's a good ship to support, trust me and it's alot of fun, because there aren't that many hints s you get to kind of make it up! ;D
    I love roleplay and I write well as Iris, Dento, Pod, Corn/Koon and the less important people, Pikachu and Snivy (I cannot spell, nor pronounce Snivy's name in japanese! D: )
    Wow, I didn't know you were on FFN.net. Are you a member on it?? If you are, what's your pen name? :3 I'm glad you enjoy it because I love to write it too! x3 Naughty Cilan FTW!! xD
    Lol, I'd love to live in Japan strictly because awesome pokemon movies would be out there first because they actually originate from there and so I, amongst the japanses people, would be able to watch them first! xD
    Say, if you are interested, I'll send you a link for the ChilixOC thing. But it's only if you want to read it. If you do, I have a one-shot or a chapter one (2 chapters so far!) for you to choose from, but don't feel like I'm forcing you! It's only if you're interested! ^-^
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