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  • Lol I got off for a while to take a nap. I was sooo tired. I've never fallen asleep before when taking a nap but this time I did XD I feel much better now XD
    Well, about the Wishfulshippy moments....there aren't many because the movie is REALLY Ash focused, but I think there are a few moments (from what I read. I don't know how big they are though ^^; I'm guessing big enough to be mentioned lol)
    XDD You know...I'm torn between Ikari and Twinleaf. I LOVE Barry and Paul, but I really don't like Dawn. Fatherlyshipping is Falkner x Janine. I got into it after reading Pokemon Special. I don't even think those were HINTS but I found it adorable just the same X3 I generally RP as characters with my friends and I completely FAIL as N xD my favorites to RP as are Dento, Pod, Iris, Pearl, and Gold XD
    I've been reading the Locket, it's really good! ^^ I really liked the latest chapter XD Aww Pod needs love too :3
    Yeah same here. I don't know much about JP either, but I'm trying to learn what I can from anime XD (I mean, I don't plan on moving there or anything XD)
    ^^ You're welcome!~
    I'm back now! And sooner than I expected!!:O
    Must watch movie now!!!! :O
    Wishfulshipping moments are in there! Can't wait to see it. The movie looks so interesting. I've seen some of the screenshots but none of them look particularly "shippy".
    Gee, that's strange, they're my ships too! Although I enjoy Ikarishipping aswell. ^-^ Um, I forget, what's FatherlyShipping?? *insert thinky face here* I was thinking of writing some fanfiction for Ferriswheelshipping, but I'm not completely confident with writing N's character yet, because although I've finished the game, not much was said about him. ^^;
    That and I'm already busy with "The Locket" a Wishfulshipping story and "Friendly Memories" a ChilixOC story. ;D I've written a oneshot for the whole Chili pairing aswell, but the "Friendly Memories" is what I'm working on right now, alongside Wishfulshipping, so I've actually got quite a bit on my plate. ^^;
    Oh my God, Japanese confuses me!! But I still wanna learn it... I know brief and easy parts but I could, by no means, have a full on conversation! ^^;
    Thanks! =^-^=
    XDD That's true. You make a good point. I'm not a very big shipper xD; I don't care for Ash x Main Girl but the other ships I like (besides Wishful) is Contest and FerrisWheel ^^; (and Fatherly) Mmhm....I know they air in November in Australia ^^; I live in America...so I'm not all the way sure for even where I live XD; They have some shippy moments in there too.
    Yup!~ Rofl Corn isn't my favorite either, but he's still cool though XD (He be called Hiyappu in JP. I get confused with English/JP names DX)
    Ok see ya~ Thank you! ^^ You're really nice to talk to too.
    Lol, paranoia isn't always a bad thing y'know; it makes you sharper when you're searching for hints and stuff like that! xD ;D But you're right about the whole promo's thing. Say, do you know when the Victini movie airs in England?? :3 I've been dying to see it and if I remember correctly, Iris and Dento have a promo together, yes??
    Oh! That explains the whole "Troll" thing. XD Can't say Corn is my favourite though, but he is kinda cool with the whole Panpour (I don't know Panpour in japanese... D: ) thing he's got going on there. ;D
    Hopefully, I'll be online in a little while, but for now, I've got to go. I'll talk to you soon hopefully. You're really nice and I hope that we can be good friends! Yeah... Corny moment over... xD
    Neither do I >.> I really hope the writers don't go for that. I'm starting to get a bit paranoid. Iris and Dento need more promos together XD
    Lol it's a joke....my friend drew a picture of Corn and would make him have a trollface
    XDDD You caught onto my nickname =D
    Yeah >.>
    Nope, don't like Sommeliershipping or whatever it is! :mad:
    Corn is a troll?? How come?? :O
    You THINK Dento is your favourite?! Alright then DentoGirl ;D (I'm sure that's what it says under your profile piccy. :3)
    Cabby's just weird... :/
    XDDDD Lolz I like Pod, but I think Dento is my favorite ;D Rofl. Corn is a troll. He's secretly plotting to do something but can't figure out what. X3 I love WishfulShipping. Darn troll on Gohan5's page is saying that Dento x Cabby is better NEVAH!~ Cabby's too young
    XDDD I DON'T KNOW!!! My friend wrote most of it XDDD She was laughing at me because now I have "Did you ever want the fresh minty taste of DENTO in your mouth?" XDDD Hmm....I would have bought all of them. I think Corn is a troll though jk (that's actually more of an inside joke than what it is on here XDD)
    It was perfect. That whole blog was genius XD
    Oh it's fine, like I said I didn't check. The best thing to do though is to click "View Conversation" that way the message goes onto my profile ^^
    XDD (woops sorry I didn't check ur profile yesterday when you replied XD;) but anyways how to get a profile picture you want to go to your private messages and go under "Edit Avatar" then there should be a whole lotta avi's to pick from ^^(if you're still confused I'll try and explain clearer)
    Signatures are a bit different, you go to Private Messages and click on "Edit Signature" then copy and paste the embed of an image/bar/banner etc.
    What the heck was going through your mind when you wrote that advert blog thingy?! It was made of pure... WIN! I laughed for ages, but me being a Chili fangirl at heart, I would have bought it because of the whole "Spicy Chili" theory you had going on there!
    I loved the whole:
    Fangirl tested.
    Dento (Cilan) approved! God, that made me laugh so hard! XD
    But I doubt that he would have to sell it to her; he'd readily just kiss her instead! =^-^=.
    Would have written more but gotta go, so talk to you tomorrow?? :3
    Lol. Here I'll explain the WHOLE thing (this will probably be weird and all but...)

    -First off I was having a sleep over with my friend (and what's cool is she's even a part of this community :D)
    -Then we were skimming stuff on the internet, looking up various things on Google Images. We, both being Dento fangirls type in the name Dento to see what we get. What we find (along with pictures of the character) is THIS so then a little light bulb goes off while my friend was teaching me how to photoshop on MS Paint.
    -Next we make this BLOG
    -Then finally we say our goodbyes, and me still having a hyper active and Wishful mind soon makes it think "Hmm now WHAT IF Dento was trying to sell this stuff to Iris? would she mind if it contained his saliva?"

    That's pretty much the whole story XD
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