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  • [Well, would YOU not stand by you opinion? Gatomon does the same. The best move would be not even making them discuss about power........ and ESPECIALLY not making them fight. Light is police and justice system? Nope. Well, why does sunlight remove darkness? Because light overcomes darkness. Night only comes when the light is simply not there, it does not overcome the light.

    So you started saying "Pal" with a capital "P" casually, too? ]

    Gatomon: *Sighs.* Eh, let us just stop this "powerful" talk. Who want some meat?
    it wasnt that much

    that Pinkie Pie dude was acting all depressed because some member called Triohyxdydarfe said she hated him, and also assumed he grew out of liking cute things because of her (even though he's 18 and it was bound to happen eventually), so she flamed him on his page. He removed his userpic and started telling people he was dead. P-body called him an attention seeker

    i only made one post on his page telling him he isnt dead and that hopefully he cheers up soon because he can always talk to someone else who wont bash him, then reported the page to a mod

    Blackstar also came to cheer him up but the way she posted was as if i contributed to his depressed state along with p-body which is untrue. so i told her i wasnt a part of that and only sent him the one vm and left on my merry way the end
    Okay Maxxy! Wait, what about Maxima? She was a queen in the Netherlands, haha!

    You're welcome! You must try that with your sis! There are extra rules too, like if you put an eight on the cardpile, the next player must wait a turn!
    [Gatomon does more damage than that with a SINGLE punch. How about knocking down a HUGE fire-breathing dinosaur and defeating it with a single punch? Could the Spider Queen do that? If Wolfgang can SURVIVE that, then she would definitely not be able to defeat that dinosaur. Creating a world does not make you a God. Is Arceus a God or even a divine being, then? Anger weakens Maxwell, but not Gatomon. (Nor her digivolutions.) Emotions only come into play when said Digimon has a partner with a DigiVice. Otherwise? Nope. Any type of darkness can be defeated by light... (Though I do not necessarily like it that way.)]

    Gatomon: Well, had you been honourable, you would have not left those two in the wilderness to survive on their own while you have minions to use against them. You have an advantage. An unfair one, at that.
    [But Maxwell is PATHETICALLY weak. I believe WILSON can take him down one-on-one if the shadows do not intervene. The Spider Queen defeats him in one hit if he wears no armour. The shadows would not help, Gatomon's light vanquishes them.]

    Gatomon: But lying is included in being bad, too................................. *Offers some meat to them.*
    Cool! Which cardgame? I'm good at Blackjack! :3 I'm really lucky in that game!

    See you soon, Budal! :D (Made up, a mix of Buddy and Pal xP)
    [She has a HUGE advantage over beings and powers of darkness. (I am not making this up.) Maxwell would stand no chance! Indeed, it is part of it. But that does not mean she is wrong! XD]

    Gatomon: You hate the truth, eh? *Cooks the meat with her Tail Ring.* It can produce unlimited light and heat energy.
    (But she can literally digivolve into an almost divine being! XD)

    Gatomon: Can I not do what? And cooking? Leave it to me. *Takes off her Tail Ring.*
    Gatomon: Mine are superior to yours. Try if you want, I do not really care. And how about answering me previous question?
    Gatomon: On the contrary, the shadows and your powers are pathetic. No offense. Just saying. So... what do we do with the meat? Cooking often removes certain nutrients, but it is your choice, what do you want?
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