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  • Gatomon: No beast of Darkness stands a chance against me unless they are beyond the Ultimate level. These hounds would be mere In-Training ones, as a single non-restrained attack from even a Rookie can kill a human. In-trainings are weaker. Though I suppose these are not the same creatures, I am measuring them according to their power.
    Nothing. There was no one to talk to, i was bored and I thought I could start a conversation...uh...
    I know right?! And rook. And book. And cook. And bale. And EZIO!!!!
    Btw, my principal is a she. XDDDDDD

    I'm using your bio as a template.
    Originally posted by My Principal

    There shall be no usage of four-letter words.
    Four is a four letter word! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Aye, that it is. I've started to make it better.
    Mind your language, m'lady! [I was talking about the TV show.]

    Also, I was thinking if making my bio more grandiose and awesome, like yours.
    [ Well, then they're indeed gross to you.

    I don't like most Fighting and Rock types. Then I'm not talking about a neutral opinion, but about a negative opinion. Pokemon like Machamp, Makuhita and Golem are examples. I could mention more, but I don't feel like making a list now.

    This will be your Gym Leader outfit in my drawing project.
    - Yellow shoes, they fit the Electric type.
    - Dark blue long jeans.
    - Yellow long-sleeve shirt with a thunder image on it, and partly white sleeves. ]
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