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  • Gatomon: What about vice versa? Can you exist without them? Because I am their natural enemy. Enough said.

    [Well, good luck with that! Be like Maxwell, minus the cruelty, you would surely manage!]


    Beautiful, it's absolutely beautiful (You were probably just trying to fit in with all the others saying happy birthday XDDDDD)
    I'm a bit under the weather... I have a cold and my cheeks feel as if tehy're about to fall off. Ugh.
    Gatomon: Well, know I literally did have you. And I know my way around this forest. Every part of it. *Follows him.*
    Gatomon: I am just being cautious. If I show weakness in conversations, then, it may be dangerous. I expect the worst, so that I can be ready for it.
    Gatomon: Hm... what is the Nightmare Throne? Just a throne that gives you nightmares? Or is the name there to stylize?
    Gatomon: Eh, better than no purpose at all, I suppose. She has not been speaking, where is she?

    (Why are you scared? Or is it due to you being on a mobile, so you cannot change the colour?)
    Gatomon: If I had known what I would consider a sufficient purpose, would I be thinking about what my purpose is?

    (I mean weakening physically. He was using a walking stick in the final chapter...)
    Gatomon: My heart desires a purpose at the moment... I mean, my heart desires that I get a purpose.

    (I see... and Maxwell kept weakening throughout Adventure Mode... due to anger?)
    I just have to agree with that. But I still prefer it when lyrics either tell some kind of a story, or have a very complicated deep meaning, so I can keep thinking about it, trying to figure it out.
    Gatomon: Well, whatever. Let us just move on. What are we supposed to do here?

    (Being awkward? EXACTLY.

    0_0 What happened to Wilson's hand... and how did he end up on the Nightmare Throne?!)
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