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  • No problem. If the Thirty Years' War started as a brawl between Catholics and Protestants over Europe's balance of power and freedom, or so they say, then it gradually became a brawl between France and the Habsburgs over Europe's depopulation. Religion, dynastic tensions, territory, commerce -- all of these reasons converged into a firestorm from which Europe apparently never quite recovered, and then some. One of the key players in this ongoing bloodbath was one Cardinal Armand-Jean Richelieu, who sought to maneuver as many of Europe's main polities into the conflict as he could, thereby exploiting it. The Napoleonic Wars and World Wars One and Two were desperate but clearly unsuccessful attempts to avoid a repetition, and now, there's a spreading view that the Middle East is disintegrating into something similar.
    I'm afraid not, but I've had plenty of time to consider my overall position after the events portrayed in "Twilight's Kingdom". It appears that I wanted to keep track of various aspects of my personality, based on what I learned, and extend their range as much as I could, from political turbulence to anime. You wouldn't believe a particular dream I had, say, a few weeks ago, and I'd think there's a sense worldwide that trends have gained a momentum of their own, beyond even Presidents Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping's ability to control. Do you know anything about the Thirty Years' War, out of curiosity?
    Well, well. I'll safely call the past several days a time for focus, between my fellow bronies' current movements and those commemorations for World War One. Are you doing well in your corner of the world so far, old friend?
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