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  • I understand what you mean. I possibly had some form of social anxiety when I was younger, and it's virtually non-existent now due to a good turn of events. Yeah you do sometimes have to unlearn bad habits which is really difficult and frustrating to do, but just remember to believe in yourself.

    Actually no, it had a pretty high grade requirement which i was somehow able to meet, and I didn't have any huge problems going on I was just particularly lazy, another part of me which is proving very difficult to kick. I'm just so glad that I can put all of that behind me and get on with everything today!

    That's understandable. Most of us have slipped into inactivity as the Other Video Game Discussion subforum (affectionately known as OVGD among us) has gotten really stale and pointless to post in recently.
    For the most part, yeah. Moderators (red names) are assigned specific sections and they're the only ones they have any control over, Super Moderators (orange names) and Admins (blue names) are also assigned to specific sections, but we have control over every section of the forum so we do have to keep our eyes open elsewhere as well.
    Yeah I stay here mainly to talk to the same 4 or 5 people, quite honestly. I post about once a fortnight, and it's usually a bleak post about a load of nonsense. The friends I made here a couple of years ago are real bros, you should chat to them if you get the chance

    Well, we're in the same year of University then as luck would have it. I had a terrible experience with A Levels which meant that I ended up spending 4 years doing them instead of 2. Luckily that's all behind me now and I'm doing a computer science degree in Birmingham somewhere very mysterious

    Recently I've started finally getting around a confidence issue that I have had in social situations, if that's what you are hinting at. You have to force yourself out of your comfort zone and it's tough, and you will have to do it more than once as well, but eventually it becomes second nature and you'll wonder what you had ever worried about. If you aren't talking about social confidence then I am sorry and you should brush me off as insane and go about your daily life

    I'm doing well despite the rubbish that I have had to deal with recently (personal issues and such). Nothing remarkable is different other than what has already been mentioned to tell the truth. I do honestly look back at younger me (circa 2011 and before) and think "goodness me, I really was immature, selfish and..." a bunch of other negative words, but, we are on a path of learning I guess
    I remember you for sure. I've only seen you on the chat once or twice, I dunno if you usually use a different nick though. I only have voice on spp which is pretty much meaningless, I don't have any actual power, it's basically for show just because I'm a mod here. Been a mod here for just a bit over a year now though.
    No way you're back! You need to tell me how life has been treating you. It's been an eternity. We're probably two totally different people now 'n everything
    Hello there. Again it has been a while since I last spoke with you. I would like to apologize for all my past behaviors, as they were uncalled for and very rude,. The account LordGroudon9 will no longer be in use, and I hope it is forgotten. Again, I apologize greatly for any inconveniences my past self may have caused.
    Happy nearly-anniversary of your departure ;_;

    Goodbye DLR, good luck in your future pursuits!

    You were the guy who got me into visiting this forum, for that reason, I might have to aggressively hunt you down and ask you how you are keeping some time. You know where to find me, sir. Stay sharp
    I'm currently active on another forum, which I've linked to in my signature, so feel free to use that link to come find me. I'm online a lot there, but I can't really say I'm drawn to this place anymore. (In fact, I dread the idea of posting in most topics) Basically, feel free to say hi anytime.

    Just for the record, I think you're all awesome. :)
    And sorry for the way I've acted before now. I was very repetitive with the whole 'idiot' thing. I don't do that anymore, but I can imagine that for the time I was here, I annoyed most of you at least once. If you saw the last message that was here, I think I might have just gone a bit over the top with that. ^^;
    I'll do my best to visit this place from time to time, though. If I ever do start getting used to being here again, you can count on me to be different than before.
    See you all another day, hopefully.

    I don't, it's hard to remember where I posted, so that I can delete it before anyone sees it

    That's fine good sir, I have noticed
    You're not obliged to reply to me straight away anyway. I read the terms and conditions that came when I purchased you
    But... you do have to buy be ice cream whenever I want it. That was... errr.... also in the terms and conditions.
    Let's try that again

    the main advantages of branching are that the conversation becomes extremely random and has no actual context, it's incredibly funny to read back on (it is trust me), and it makes the discussion more tree-like.

    The disadvantages are the waste of human prowess, the light-headed confusion that noobs get when they first learn how to branch, and the sheer idleness that the conversation can actually fall into. Not everybody likes being a tree either, so you have to consider these things!
    Omg i ired to vm you but it didny wotrk

    besies i['m actually drunk and away fro mhome itd not a good time
    Wait, let me count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12... ...83, 84, thisissotiringermmmm none! Yeah there's about none, good estimate

    I wonder if we really do have an audience. We'd be breaking the 4th wall right now if we did. And it would be creepy, but 4th wall breaking in reality, how cool!

    This is hard, there's so many lines that I almost missed this little guy out. You sure have gained quite the appetite since we last spoke, eh?

    I am just spouting out nonsense. What made you think that I wasn't xD

    Yes, it is pretty much your fault. I understand though, so heads up, don't look so miserable!

    What?! Is it your phone?
    ...How many walls does this place have anyway?

    Maybe the fifth wall is the ceiling? and we took the roof off with our references? Either way, a lot of the audience out there must be pretty scared right about now. Sorry audience!

    And I seen to have unintentionally made a reference there, how did that happen. Oh well, have a 'sorry' or a 'congratulations', pick one for this situation!

    Aren't bricks made from sand? Or was it a Lego?

    Yeah I did it by accident. It's amazing what spellcheck can come out with when you type really quickly. It WAS spellcheck, don't give me that look.

    Duuuh, that's the happiness! It actually tastes horrible if you chew it thoroughly.
    Take my hand, qui- no wait, I cut it off... Oh no.

    You just broke... the 5th wall? Is there a 5th wall?
    That's fine. I will miss that DLR, but hey, Dumber and Dumber's sequel was a terrible film too.

    Bricks. Red. Cuboids. Sand. THE MEMORIES OH NO MAKE THEM GO AWAY

    I should have came better prepared. This is the second coolest thing I can do. :(

    Stop eating the show..! The show contains anti-toxins and other strange products that are proven to give you happiness. Nobody deserves happiness.
    Well yeah, there are still ways to talk to them ^^;

    And hahaha, yeah that's what the remember me button stands for, to remember you xD
    But yeah, SPPf became a lot more boring without the two of them being around here, I'm so glad that there are other ways too. Greta came up with the idea of making our own forums or steam group of Banned and looking for all the old members and inviting them if possible, but it didn't come off the ground yet ^^;
    It didn't work, get back out!! It hurts!!!

    The conversation is like a newly born river. Nobody knows where the heck it will flow to next
    You did a little bit, yes :p

    It sounds easy. Everyone also told me it was quite easy. Why was all the hard stuff thrown at me like a brick???


    Speaking of popcorn muffin, I would like to enquire for the finest quality writing paper ever invented. *applause*
    This is grade 33, 100% thoroughly checked and quantified. Please enjoy.
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