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  • That's.. kinda catchy. O_O

    I might just Nyan all day and post my results to you; this is awesome!

    I actually don't watch Eastenders these days. They're kinda running out of ideas. The baby thing with Ronnie is a bit bad too.
    But yes you'll probably still lose just because I am so amazing at Pokemanz

    And by creamy giant you mean iceball reit?
    Also golurk's arse lights on fire.
    So I assume that what I call hoodies is what you described as "hooded jumpers".
    AREN'T LANGUAGE BARRIERS FUN? Unless that's not a language thing and you just talk weird. p;

    Well, I have both Black and White. White is what I consider my "main" game, as it's the one where I EV'd my in-game team.
    However, Black Version is the one I played first. When they first came out, I didn't want to waste time EV training.
    So, I played Back and went through the games normally like my friends did. So I have one "Random-EV" team, like yours.
    I did EV a few Pokemon on that game, but that was just for the Subway, and none were from my main team.
    So, if you wanted, I could battle you with my in-game Black Version team. Equal ground- not EV trained in the least.

    And my smexy russian voice is just as smexy as yours.
    Ouch, can't say the music situation was as bad here. Still, it spoiled my episode of Eastenders, since I couldn't hear it properly with all this Drum and Bass rattling through my window.

    Well, it did stop after about 8:30, so I gots ta sleep. :P

    Here's an annoying song to make up for your tragic loss, my friend.
    What? Bath is near Bristol, I've been there. Silly americans.

    No, all that it got here is TV/media coverage, nobody really cares. They made it look like you Brits were super excited over the wedding, like John Lennon came back to life to do one massive concert together with Jimi Hendrix.
    Well, Big Nutter gave me a one-month ban for my sig, but a few hours later he and other mods decided the ban was too harsh and my ban was reversed :p

    You lucky ducky! We just came back from school holidays (which included Easter and Anzac day, so we sort of 'missed out' on three public holidays :p). The wedding was pretty cool, if I say so myself :p
    I thought her last name was Middleton?

    Oh, whatever. Being a prince, you'd think you'd become an eternal bachelor.
    *Looks up road* Nah, that's just silly, there's no way that's possible.
    Yeah it got us a day off. And sorry to hear about your road excluding your sort; my road has people coming from abroad flocking onto it, by the looks of it. It's not that great out there anyway, everyone is either an adult or a little kid. And the music sucks, I can hear it through the window.
    Add me to the list of "Do not care". It got a street party going on my road though, so that's cool n stuff. Wait, do you care about this Royal Wedding..?
    Ah the chat? That's ancient history to me actually. All of the cool gang are gone, and the mods are well, still dictators. My home's the forums now.

    Wtf the Wedding's still going on
    I remember the good ol' days on there... Was such a long time ago too! *Dazes in bliss*
    Edit: Oh, I might pop in there for a bit one day, just to see what it's like. Goddamn I'm getting too old for this! xP
    ARGH, THE NEEDLES. Damn the gaps in my armor. D:
    Wait what? ...Hoodies?

    So, you must have black and/or white, correct? =o
    Great, 'cept, you know, my addictions are playing havoc with my life.

    You? All great in Britain? I hear some stuff about a royal wedding coming up?
    Hey, I'm back! Yeah, I got mistakenly banned :p

    It's absolutely crazy, I know! I start second semester in 3 weeks. SECOND SEMESTER ALREADY?!? I'm a quarter of the way through these last two years of school :O

    Whoopdedoo yay!
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