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  • mmm. pie.

    ah, well...it's better to be doing something productive then mindlessly droning on on sppf.

    and wow, that sucks! :( i got banned before..during christmas.
    mm yeah, guess that could raise butteriness and jammyness sharply. A Buttery Pokemon is a happy Pokemon!
    I was actually wondering if I could stick it on the Pokemon's head like a TM.
    Charmander learned Blend!
    Charmander's Base Butter and Jam was increased!
    Charmander fainted!
    Yeah, my original spell since I joined in September 09 lasted 3 months, where until I disappeared, coming on the odd month or so. However, I AM BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE. New model, Rezzo V. 2.0 with ultimate Pokemon Master powers and a blender. The blender's a nice touch, I really like it.
    *Stands besides DLR and watches the rocket fly off*

    Oh, yay, so the end is in sight! I cannot believe how time has flown...I've only got another year and a half until my final exams, and then off to uni for me, too. It's unbelievable!

    Yay :D
    Half a year is nothing compared to my year and a half! To which I came back and VMed myself, then left again for 6 months.

    And then I came back again and didn't VM myself.

    Whilst that has little to do with anything, I'd like to remind you that I am a dedicated member of this forum, and it is my job to make sure that you behave like an idiot. Use of deadly force is allowed. I think.
    What slums you must live in. Back alleys and dead bodies. I should visit.

    I do not believe that you have an awesome memory. I REFUSE.
    And I will gladly lay in front of your rocket. Especially as I am immune to explosions.
    Silly Brits.

    I had the idea for a while now that, well, America is Gen V...
    America's typically their next biggest market after Japan.
    Well, that's after that? Generally, next comes the most of Europe.
    Perhaps Gen VI could be the land that encompasses the United Kingdom.
    Probably tilted on it's side or something, I dunno. But it looks like it'd fit on a map anyway.

    That is, unless they decide to whore out America in it's entirety.
    Go for the west coast, if not for the Great Lakes or Alaska or such... EH.
    The rest of the nation in honestly rather boring map-wise. Unless they wanted another orre.

    ...How do you know what we said on page 7.
    Ah, I see. Well, at least you're back now, at least for a little bit? So I'm guessing you're finishing school really soon? I'm not exactly savvy with the European schooling system :p
    Haha, my two weeks off school end soon: I'm back at school on Wednesday >.<

    Yeah, it was a shame to lose the Banned Thread...

    Yup, I'm still here more than ever! I'm alright; moved on, I suppose. Most of the Banned Crew migrated to Misc., [That is, I assume they migrated, I'm not too sure if they used to post in Misc before. But yeah.] but I've stayed in Games and I've been dabbling in 5th Gen Discussion :p Why the long absence?
    Well I'm glad to see that you're okay~

    Oh yeah, Greta closed the latest banned thread, wanted to make a new one but didn't do it in the end. It doesn't matters though, the banned group's disbanded and the previous banned game was filled with mostly annoying new people (some of the new ones were okay though, but most weren't).
    Well, starting maybe two weeks ago I've been trying to get back into Serebiiforums.
    Mostly just posting in all the help threads, maybe a post or two here or there in some others.

    That, and Black & White. Most fun this region is.
    This region. That is based on America. On the New York area.
    Where I live. And not where you live. Mmhmm.

    .....Jaam.... *Drools*
    :O You returned...
    Wait a sec, you were gone?? Well at least you're back, and I can see you are as idiotic as ever before, which is good :p
    Just don't be taking my lines and making them better, it isn't really fair...
    Hi DLR, it's been a long time =o
    Yup I'm still using this avvy, it's my SPPf face xD

    Well I'm pretty fine, although I don't have much contact with the others anymore, aside from Crick, Greta and Shadey. But Crick doesn't seems to be that talkactive lately and Greta's angry at me =/

    Anyways, how are you?
    To those of you who care: IISBACK!

    Anyway, yeah. Going to be online a bit more often now, and hopefully, as you all probably remember my habit of late replies, I'll be responding on time.
    Let the whateveritisimtalkingabout begin!

    ... Why am I talking to myself?
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