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  • Hey, just saw Your postin the recent happenings thread, and had a question about Smeargle.
    If you do get Happy Hour on it, would you be so kind to Sketch it on another smeargle and trade me one?
    I really believe that the anime cannot be redeemed anymore...Ive simply lost hope for it and will not take it seriously anymore
    I was wondering something about the subs since I didn't see the subs. I've only seen the dubbed version of Pokemon. Are the Pokemon dub and sub a lot different than one another or do you think the dub stays closer to sub than most shows do?
    Do you still watch Pokemon, man. Becuase there are a few people on here that don't watch Pokemon BW. Have you seen it?
    It's just because I was comparing Ash to other anime leads. That made sense to me why I put them there. And I'm sorry if I insulted you. I just was mad because I felt like you were insulting me. So I'm sorry, man. I didn't mean to insult you.
    Going back to what I was saying on "the why does everyone hate Ash thread", I meant that a lot of people like to follow the crowd. You see it everywhere. If there is a thread or forum where everyone bashes Ash, there are a lot of people who wouldn't stand up for him because of them being worried they would look uncool. So there are Ash lovers but when there is a forum where the majority disrespects Ash, there are probably some people who are too chicken to defend him. I know that sounds sad but that's how some people are. My whole point with Ash, Tai and Yugi was that it is said Tai and Yugi were developed much better so those chicken followers don't want to say Ash is better when in reality, Ash is my favorite lead of those 3. As for who's the best developed of the 3, that could be argued different ways. I just stated my favroite of those 3. Fair enough?
    You're, and yes, it's pretty obvious that I am back because at this very moment I'm able to talk to you, unlike the time I was......away, when I couldn't talk to you.
    I don't like that some people feel there is some kind of achievement or automatic respect earned on having high post count, and as such make crappy spam posts non stop- just so they can get their post count up. I feel if we didn't have post count, then people would be more likely to take time to make more detailed and ultimately interesting posts.

    Hope that clears it up :)
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