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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • I agree to your view on valentine's day.
    of course, my reasoning may be questionable,
    but I shall befriend you.
    Awesome. I made varsity team in basketball. Been writing quite a few poems, doing schoolwork ect.
    Im also in the process of trying to grow taller than 6 ft.
    alot of families here are middle class so kids hang out with there friends and play xbox,ps3, and wii. they also hang out in town and do sports or go to the library. I just sit in my home. I have nothing to do. that and im poor.
    your right there,you dont truly know if im a 14 yr old boy lol.

    ok you were in orting if everything has an old fashioned look, theres a mcdonalds right in front of safeway and theres a shell station across from a 76.
    lol you dont drive through orting to go to pregon, orting goes to mount rainier and to downtown and uptown puyallup.
    but if you did go to orting we should meet up.
    Orting actually was a farming town until 10 years ago when they built a safeway and projects and thats when people flocked here.

    I got better things to do than to flame people with there own stupidity on serebii wikia, im just glad they havnt made one for me.
    It actually means alot, and I do believe you,alot of people share my story. But here is the worse part: kids here in orting are easily bored and so they find humor in picking on me as well as hardly any boys mature from a 13 year old mindset. but When i think about it, there all gonna have low lifes and burn in hell anyway.
    I cant get a girlfriend, kids pick on me for the hell of it, and my stepdad abuses me. I have to use dsi internet, and my brother wont leave me alone. I might not make basketball because of grades, Im very sad.

    Im sure you understand.
    Bah, little coughs. I hope you recover from that soon, too. I don't seem antisocial? Well, alright, I suppose. And I would be very pleased to be on your friends list, of course. ^_^
    Oh, that's alright. I'm the sort of monster who easily strikes fear into the hearts of even the stoutest individuals. =)

    I've caught the sniffles, to put it cutely. How is the evil of which you are a denizen?
    I don't really have anything remarkable to say, but you're bright and pleasant enough to make an introduction worthwhile. Hello, denizenofevil. ^_^
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