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  • I would like to point out that it was a calm post that didn't really do anything to you.
    Ok first off do you have an issue with the first four points? they are legitimate and should be followed.
    OK on to the fifth point. I'm sorry but Kissmygrass96 just forgot to say or did say and you didn't notice that the wall are not concrete and they can withstand just about anything. The most that would happen is that it gets reflected off the metal surface and causes slight havoc. Also aura storm isn't a real move just a thing on super smash bros so an aura sphere would just be a ball. This is not an RPG to learn how to RP it is the real thing and it is being run by the GM and CO-GM any way they want to. The GM can and will make almost any restrictions he wants. Also the reason we are taking this up with you and not the character is that it's posts are to messed up to allow without edit. Now please edit your post so there are no holes.
    I don't know what an RP template is but it doesn't sound good.
    On to the main reason for this post which is yet another warning about doing things unwell. Let's go by points.
    1. I just realized this http://serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=12203376&postcount=29 unrecent post goes from strat to skymin then without saying so back to strato. Try to keep an out for things like this and fix them immediately when found.
    2. Atmos is with Onion, it was even called out in his post here and he didn't even edit it. So please fix every post to account for this. KMG doesn't like what you did there.
    3. this also has to do with point one but try to separate your character's posts better because this is bad.
    4. You focus on strato to much. You have two characters so act like it. Please make an in detail post for skymin with the edits to make him be with onion the entire time.
    5. Final point and the one that might have ticked off KMG the most is your god-mod like behavior with your character. You have made your character shake the room with a blast, distort space, and blast a hole through a few walls. The first two are minor and would have been overlooked if the last didn't happen. The walls of the facility are majorly reinforced and can withstand anything, the rooms are also huge. The Kamehameha thing would be fine if it acted like the normal move. so Do not change the move! is the point in this one. We can only do things that the legends can and even at that standard we're weaker. If you want to do something big or different in a big way always ask KMG beforehand.
    SO please think about all of this and know that we aren't pleased but would like you to keep playing and enjoy by the rules.
    I Didn't mean to cause offense but I still stand behind the five sentence rule. It is short enough for just a pure talk/thought/feelings post. All three of which are what are needed in this RPG if you wont post actions or descriptions. So please comply to the rule. Again I say that multiple breaks of the rule will result in kicking. Sorry.
    On a differnent point that has nothing to do with the RPG is that there is no such thing as a "profesional RPer", theres just people that have been in a lot of them. Though there are good and bad RPers that is not for them to decide but others. This is more of a personal opinion but I still say it's bull to call yourself a profesional RPer.
    A couple of notes. Your posts are really small and that is not acceptable so lengthen them to five sentences as the smallest post possible but make all of them as long as you can without sounding exessive. Also could you try to post less until more intros have been made?
    The first request is definite and if brocken multiple times will get you kicked, but the second request is mostly optional. VM with any concerns.
    Well, here's the thing. You did argue with me with that simple post you said Sam wasn't there when I said everyone was. Aand I know I overreacted, but that is because you slowed down the RPG with that. And finally, it's Dr.Goldman.
    The games are programmed so that even if you SR a million times, it prevents Zekrom/Reshiram/Victini from going shiny. No idea why it was programmed like that.
    and Haha I'm afraid not.
    Just an FYI, there's no way of being able to get a shiny Reshiram. Same going for Zekrom and Victini. :C
    The RPG Brainstorming Session is not an RPG Ideas thread, please re-read what I stated in the first post. We have an ideas thread in the Cafe. I have deleted your post as it was not relevant to the discussion.
    want: New York City 10th Anniversary Flying Pikachu (no, im not asking for a hack. its real)

    offered: Rayquaza☆ lv100
    That Pikachu will not have Fly. Since you must remove the HMs before Pal Parking, it will not know Fly :(
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