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  • Ayyy. :]
    Whats up? I haven't talked to you in...a long time. Yeah, I took a small absence from Serebii and AIM, but I'm back! I haven't seen you around (still mainly in the Nintendo section...I'll try to branch out) so I was like "Oh My Gaw liek WAYR'S D911!?"
    I do hope you at least acknowledge it, though I don't blame you if you don't...Apart from a small few portions of a small few of the videos, it's very uninteresting. Though I did waste nearly 2 hours of time doing this feat, and close to another 4 hours just to publish and upload each of these videos. x.x

    In any case, the main reason I went through with this was because of your interest in it. And that is all.
    I had 9999 coins until I wasted about 200 of them continuing through All Star Mode. I've played the Coin Launcher before, but once I get 9999 coins again, I'm going to sit in front of the coin launcher and waste all of them. It'll be so fun I'll go crazy before it's over.
    Heh, I'm wondering if you still remember this post I made, way back when. Well you may not have known before, but I am both a man of my word and just about as crazy as Dimentio. ;]

    Here is my channel. Enjoy all 12 parts of it. ;]
    Well, I really don't do much drawings, since I'm waiting for PhotoShop to start my comic, but you can look through my album. If you're wondering about the Power Ranger stuff...hm...hard to explain, but I'll give you the short story- it was a chatbox joke me and some of my friends on BC(now NH) have.
    Hey there D-911. Just stopping by to add you to my friend list and ask for a Brawl, whenever you're available. Contact me on AIM if/when you are. I'm more likely to be signed on to that than SPPf. My friend code is 4511-0152-2501
    I'm presuming that you have also added my Brawl FC, as I could see you online last night. I couldn't join in as I was just about to go to bed.

    Would I be able to add your Wii FC as well? Mine is 3830-5892-7156-4010.

    There's my Wii Number, I've added yours and have your Brawl Code added also. I'm sure you can find mine on the Brawl Friend Finder. Contact me whenever!
    It's time to... Du-du-du-du-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-Brawl! Tomorrow at 5. I figured I'd spam on your page, rather than fill up your inbox.
    I'm right there with ya, in the same time zone that is, lol.
    I need to quit staying up so late. It's messing with my mind.

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