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  • Eh, been doing music and animation. I finally found out how to do sprites though it kinda isn't very creative. I hardly ever visit anymore mainly cause this site is like uber mega laggy.
    Eh, been doing music and animation. I finally found out how to do sprites though it kinda isn't very creative. I hardly ever visit anymore mainly cause this site is like uber mega laggy.
    No, they were an exchange student.
    Ah. Well, good luck to her! I've always figured being an exchange student would be fun.

    Where I live! It's so boring and inland...
    Same here XD. Our only closest fun is California, really. But we don't really do anything. Next year, we might.

    Yep, pretty much. SHAME!
    TT.TT Nuuuuuuuu...
    (Stupid character limit, I can't quote >_<. I must talk too much.)


    I'm staying in Arizona. I don't see myself moving out-of-state, but for animation, I guess I don't have a choice.

    XD Well, thanks for the offer. But right now, I'm pursuing education for the time being.

    O_O Really? It takes that long? Wow...

    I've always wondered what program you use for such a thing. I know there IS a program for making sprites, but I don't know what it is. (It might be PhotoShop.)

    I'm an expert in that field as well, so don't feel left out ^^;. I take it the one friend going to China is going to school there, right? Or a job? I've always found it weird why people would go to China for work when people in China come HERE for a better life.

    And the friend going into the Army, good luck to her (her, right?), she's in our prayers (we support our troops after all). I have a brother who wants to go into the Army as well, but more for Marines. And I have a friend who wants to go into the Marines, but he's on a mission right now.

    Daytona sounds like a pretty place to go, but it's Florida. What DOESN'T sound good, lol.

    *glares at "SoulSilver"* I swear, I think I'm the only Pokéfan who doesn't have HeartGold OR SoulSilver.

    And you're welcome ^_^.
    ^_^ Thank you! (Should you really be interacting with contestants?)

    I'm going to community college in the fall (even though I can't drive and don't have a job xD) to get my English and all that out of the way. I want to pursue a career in 3D animation, so after a couple of years, I'll transfer to University of Advanced Technology. But hopefully in a couple of years, I'll get married. Otherwise, I'll send my mission papers when I'm 21.

    Right now, I'm going to try to enjoy my last true summer vacation. Even if that means hanging out on SPPF x).

    EDIT: How rude of me not to ask. How about you and your friends? What're your plans?
    Yo, D911. Long time no see. I took a break from Serebii and the rest of the internet for a bit (not that I was active anyway), and I was sad to see that I missed out on the last Caption Contest. Hope there will be another one.
    well, I would, but it seems that the thread is gone, and I missed the last contest =( XD

    Oh well, maybe next thread, you know if there will be one and judging from your last post there will be.
    Well, it's about time we got around to a Friend Request. Are you planning on starting up another Caption Contest thread?
    Was my post good enough for you?

    I hope I wasn't too harsh with them, I just felt it was much more funny, been listening to a lot of dead pan comedians.

    Man, if you get the chance, message me on MSN. We need a good chat again.
    No... My pillow's been soggy at night a lot, lately...
    Awww... *glomps* I hope a flying hug at least makes you feel a little better. ^.^

    No problem~ :]

    Pretty good lately, actually.
    Hehe... that's good. :]
    *waves* Hiya, D9111. :] OMG I have NOT talked to you for awhile, haven't I?! :O

    Anyways, Happy Birthday~! ^^ How's it going?
    The modeling software I use is primarily for architecture or furniture design, and is very dificult to make anything round. Demand all you like, I'm not skilled enough for a 3D MANLYKARP.
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