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  • Yeah that must really suck
    Have you ever tried odd jobs like lawn mowing or teaching guitar lessons etc
    Nice it's always good getting new guitars
    Divorce is never fun I lived though lol (as crazy as I am) though it's good your getting a fresh start at life
    I have been doing good getting through day to day things in life and stuff lol
    Eh I get excited but don't get my hopes up don't ever have much spending money you know what I mean?
    Sorry for the late reply. I don't use that 3DS anymore and I keep forgetting to update my sig. My new FS is Trapinch, Camerupt & Palpitoad, if you're still interested
    Oh I see.

    What other Pokemon do you like? If that's the case.

    Despite my teams, I prefer gentle, kind mons.
    Sounds like a good plan and somewhat excited seems alot like a pain though
    Yeah, that would be nice, seeing a girl lead for once. It was nice back in gen 5 to see a female professor in BW, so I hope they try new things like this.

    I'd like to see where they base the region, like how they got inspiration for gen 5 from NYC, gen 6 from France, etc. I'd hope for Australia or something, but anything could happen, really.
    You write songs? That sounds cool.

    I'm pretty excited for CoroCoro next month. I'm hoping for gen 7 even though it's probably premature at this point.
    Hey read your comment about your MMing a shiny Hawlucha, just felt like saying I feel ya on that lol I put in 420 soft resets for a shiny Ho-Oh on my new OR with the shiny charm, and couldn't get one. What a pain in the butt! haha Also, I can't even wait until the first Pokemon games get re-released on the 3DS, I grew up with them too and that nostalgia is going to be like no other lol
    I've mostly been working. I bought Yoshi's Woolly World earlier this week. I've also been hunting for HA Pokémon in Y and Alpha Sapphire.
    Haha I wish I could say it's better but nah it's been about the same for me but that's what happens with life. I got married in January and been living with my husband since if you call our life living lol we don't make enough money to pay all our bills or buy food
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