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  • do you have the petilil or cottonee that you get thru trade in black/white? the one with the nickname untouched?
    I've been a drummer for 18 years, but I also play guitar, bass, sax, flute,
    clarinet, tuba, oboe, trumpet, trombone and a little bit of piano.

    What about you?
    Don't worry about its attack. Dugtrio is awesome. It's got blistering speed, so you can count on it to always go first in battle. Its attack isn't that bad, anyway. If you're lucky enough with Magnitude, then you can pull off some good hits, and if that doesn't please you, then Dig does much more reliable damage, though sometimes not as strong. Mud Slap is also great at annoying. The only problem is that it can't touch Flying-types unless you give it Cut (or Slash at a higher level. Don't bother with Fury Swipes; it's fairly inaccurate and gets annoying after a while because of that). Another problem is that it's frail, and can't take hits very well. The good thing about this, though, is that NPCs aren't smart in the least and usually use relatively weak moves, meaning Dugtio should be able to stand up to a couple hits in battle... but don't count on that when you're up against a hard-hitting pokemon, like Machoke or Kadabra.

    All in all, it's a very useful pokemon. If you get it up against the right opponent, it can be devastating. It evolves from Digglet at a conveniently early level, too. If you have one, you're pretty much guaranteed to beat the electric gym. I would highly suggest using one.
    Yeah, I agree, I think I'll take it down now in case users start asking to trade. Luckily I didn't give up very much that was important, I only traded a Simipour and an Eevee for it. They were the last two the guy needed to complete his Dex and I guess since he uses AR it didn't matter what he gave away.
    I traded for it, but I'm pretty sure it was hacked... the guy I was trading with told me it was from a Japanese event, but it says "met on Route 3" in the description so its quite obvious. Not really sure if I should keep it in my sig or not.
    well, i know a lot! here are a few songs i can play:
    we found love-rihanna
    the one that got away- katy perry
    setreo hearts-gym class....something
    international- pitbull
    on the florr- Jlo
    i know more, but i know too many that i cant list them all. what songs can you do on your guitar? i'm starting guitar in the spring :)
    wow. 3 cds? amazing. I've been playing for so long, but i just started lessons. i play piano by listening to songs, and then figuring them out on piano.
    Yes, I have performed in Suessical and Dear Edwina. I take acting classes though. I am currently trying out for Music Man Jr. I only like to do musicals, because I LOVE to sing and dance. :)
    Wow. Why haven't I heard of that one before? Oh. well. I play French horn, but I'm hoping to pick up any combination of sax (mainly), guitar and vocal. It really depends on how much time and money I'll have (and I'm suspecting I won't have much of either lol). I'm guessing a lot of colleges don't offer that major, but it's still weird how I've never ehard of it...
    Music business? Never heard of that one before. What do you do in music (which instrument, or are you vocal or something else)? As for myself, I'm going into Electrical Engineering while trying to do something musical in my school (can't minor in anything).
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