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  • Lucky. I wish school could be that easy for me, but I still have to take core classes...

    So do you know what you're going to major in?
    Exactly how I feel =/. Yeah, I'm taking band since I've been in their music program for a while now. It's the only elective I have because my English meets up every Mon-Thurs (college class/dual enrollment/whatever your state calls it) and we have to have at least one off block (a period with no class whatsoever; it's pretty sweet). Despite it being my only elective, I've kinda regretted being in band this year. A lot of bad stuff happened during marching season :/ What are your electives (if any)?
    Yeah, I am! Mainly just because it's going to be over in half a year ;p and that a lot of my classes are blowoffs. Thanks for asking!

    But how about you? Are you going to school up there in NY?
    I played but only with my in-game team just to get enough points for the move tutors. My team was something like Swampert / Registeel / Swellow.. none EV trained. Best streak.. something around 16 haha. How far did you get?
    Hiya~!! ^^ 'tis nice to meet you~
    And yush I do D: Some of the bands I like are HIM, NIN, KoRn, Breathe Carolina, Breaking benjamin, Bush, 30 seconds to mars.....aannd alot more xD lol
    I love instrumental stuff too D: like apocalyptica <3
    How about you D: ?
    Hahah, hurray! I say usually, because they're one of the many bands that I like most of the time, but they have some songs where I could live without listening to. And yeah, I'm kind of an overacheiver, though I'm usually pretty modest ><
    I'm really picky too, hahah. I recently also got biatched out about music categorization even though being vague is kind of my thing, so I'm a little more strict about that now (Breaking Benjamin is in this group called 'metalcore' that apparently most metalheads and rock fans hate, blahblah). I like AFI and HIM, and HH usually, but if I've heard Goldfinger I don't know it by name, which happens a lot as I have crazy ways of finding new music -shakes fist at radio for sucking- I play guitar, bass, many percussion instruments, trumpet, and I play flute in school...Also, my voice if you're one of those people who count that. Hahah. Do you play any instruments? (Also, I'm sorry I say so much irrelevant junk)
    Why hello there. Well, it kind of depends. I listen to a lot of rock and metal, old and new, and then like select techno and rap, and a very small amount of orchestra type stuff, because I'm in band in school and I'm kind of a geek like that, hahah. I despise country music though... You? xD
    I can't say with certainty, but there are more moving parts in a pedal harp then there are in an engine! Maintenance is pretty expensive...

    Also, a single lower register gut string is 22~30 dollars a piece... It can cost hundreds of dollars to restring the instrument.

    Expensive instrument is expensive.
    Sorry for taking a long time to reply, I wasn't home!

    I got into it because it has always been my favorite instrument... I used to dream of just being able to pluck one string. As I got older, I did more and more research, and decided to rent one! Which isn't easy cause the only place that rented them was a five and a half hour drive.

    And it's expensive.
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