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Recent content by DeoxysTrainer

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    Shin Megami Tensei Thread

    The Persona games are generally on Sony platforms.
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    what animals haven't been turned into Pokémon yet?

    Give me Dimetrodon for the next prehistoric Pokemon.
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    Caption the avatar above you!

    Fear my wrath.
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    Worst New Poke

    The three starters in my opinion, a monkey, turtle, and penguin, I hate them.
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    New D/p Anime Commercial!!!

    Its kinda old now. Nothing specical. I liked it though.
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    New Pokémon Captures Confirmed?

    I hope Ash gets possessed by Diaruga like Pikachu did with Groudon, but Ash gets a tail, claws, spikes, blue and light blue skin and he becomes a murderous psychopath, killing all sorts of pokemon/ people.......guess it wont happen, that version of Ash exist in my comics, but the pic is nice. I...
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    Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (M09)

    It was an alright movie. But Im looking forward to the 10th move, Diaruga vs Parukia vs Daraki. ( I perfer fan names ) That trailer was badass.
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    Shiny groundon

    Yeah......all luck.
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    You're banned.

    Banned for me not liking you.
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    How late will you stay up? (English Reliese)

    Pfft...I dont sleep much, the longest Ive played was for 3 days straight without sleep, playing Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tagforce for the PSP, so D/P will be a walk in the park. Sleep is pointless.
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    What Animals should be a Pokemon

    A squid, mothman, etc...........
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    What is your favorite starter of D/P

    Personally I hate them all but I guess Ill go with Hikozaru... *Shrudders*
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    What's better? Bleach or Naruto?

    Thats not cool but I still like Naruto