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  • Ah, I personally was growing irked by how safe the Pokemon games were getting, so SM was a breathe of fresh air to me imo.
    I have a feeling that USUM will be pretty great too. My kiddies seem to agree as well haha
    Yeah kind of. I'm fairly intrigued by the mysteriously shadowy people. I feel they may be new villains, and not just part of Aether.

    In general though, I wasn't that excited for USM for a couple of reasons :
    1) Back to a third version so soon, that to dual games instead of a single didn't sit well with me.
    2) Personally, I didn't like Alola that much. I can appreciate that GF tried to change the gym formula, but Trials and Grand Trials were decent, but still not as good as gyms imo. But more than that, I disliked the Alola region itself. I found it too small and bland, and the whole game felt like one giant tutorial, with stupid unskippable cutscenes.
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