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  • oops sorry thought it was level since most people want that for shiny hunting XD anyway I can get love ball for you :3 will breed now for them ^_^
    sure thing I have a spare level ball morelull right now but need to breed another snivy and I be ready to trade my time is eastern timezone usa which its listed on my trade shop as well ^_^
    crap sorry forgot to message back sure thing I will have the snivy and morelull ready for you ^_^ been busy with work and new years coming up ;)
    hey there the only ones I am interested on your list is lure ball feebas and heavy ball honedge which most of what you listed I got already.
    Yeah I know, I have a Japanese DS in addition to my US one, hence why I listed both haha. (When I say "Japanese games" I mean actual cartridges bought in Japan, not a US game set to JPN. Since 3DS games are region locked I have to play them on a Japanese system.) But again since the listings for Japan are general I have to check which one it is.
    Uhh I'm not 100% sure. Based on some research I did, it should be High Plains for my US games (as I am registered for Washington, USA) and either Meadow or Monsoon for my Japanese games (it jsut says "Japan" for those two so I'm gonna have to check). I only have XY for my Japanese DS currently but should get an English Y pretty soon.
    No problem! I actually have been meaning to catch them for some time, and I just checked my other JPN copy and have them on that one, so I don't mind! Ah, no pressure, I'd be happy to just trade these two to you to help you out. Again I think it's a really cool endeavor so I don't mind helping! c:
    Thanks a ton! c: I'll work on some of those ball-matched Pokemon and get back to ya! (I think I can do mostly everything in Apricorn balls but I don't wanna sign up for too much yet haha. I'll start with Entei and Raikou!)
    Cool! It's at Lv. 41 and doesn't have any EVs tho. (Also you can trade this one away; my Paris one is non-redis.) I'll clone it and the hop on WiFi to trade, if yer still good!
    Hi hi! Checked and you said you wanted PokeBall Pattern Vivillion yeah? I should note, as it is the Paris one it is in a Cherish Ball, not a PokeBall. I do have one of the US ones in a PokeBall, though it is above the obtained level (around Lv. 40, though I removed all the EVs and used a Rare Candy to get it to an even EXP level). Would you prefer that one?
    Hmm, thought I had some extras :eek: Oh well... Since my Zubat is the only one I don't have to level up, I'll breed one of those real quick.
    Ok, thanks lol. You can choose another bank ball of mine then, if you're missing something I have.
    Yep, I'm still looking. That'd be great, thanks! ^_^ I have an extra Moon Ball Shinx ready to go.
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