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    Does a Pokemons' Gender matter for you?

    it does matter to me, but the pokemon itself decides it, for example the pokemon that I love and will never leave me and my team are Gengar and Snorlax so they should be male, but for a pokemon like gardevoir,blissey and other girl themed pokemon, they should be definitely female. also other...
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    How do you keep track of your Pokémon collection?

    I notice which legendaries I have and which I don't so I try finding them. also I have a set of all starters so I keep records of what I have!
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    Do you know people who like Pokemon, or are you the only one in your area?

    as you can see in my sig, we are a group(PPM, first iranian pokemon group) and we play together, we're all best friends!----->(( Music Man, 2rsa, Kian D, Master Arian &.....))
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    yo, what is it?

    yo, what is it?
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    the same way they can cause such powerful explosions, they can survive it. the team rocket part is just some kind of joke for small kids. the same way that ash is still 10, team rocket won't die with falling off the sky!!! I read somewhere that ash's pikachu was born from a special mother...
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    Western Vs. Eastern influences in the Pokemon World

    something that I really appreciate is that HO-OH and ARTICUNO are based on Iranian legends, both are simorgh pokemon and that's awesome! here's a link. simorgh is pictured in a lot of forms and this is one of it forms, it may look like moltres, but the main theme is like this...
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    What is your signature Pokemon?

    Mine are: Rayquaza ;384; Snorlax ;143; Gengar ;094;
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    What type is your specialty?

    Each type for each pokemon has a specialty. For example I love gengar, so it'll be ghost/poison And I love rayquaza and snorlax too, so I like dragon and normal. I don't know why but I kinda like ice too, maybe cause it's cool!
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    what animals haven't been turned into Pokémon yet?

    We have beedrill, vespiquen and combee, what else do you want? A powerful gurilla might be awesome(( slaking is worthless!))
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    what animals haven't been turned into Pokémon yet?

    There's no chitah pokemon and entei is a lion whose mane is a cloud, so it's a pure lion. And for clown fish you can count magikarp as clown!
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    "GRASS" the worst starter and possibly type??

    No!! Some of the grass types are extremely kickass!!! For example, venusaur. If you have a sunny day team, you can devastate a whole Team with it. Or a cradily, it's one of the best bulks. Don't let me start with breloom that cripples every team! How bout lodiculo that annoyes the hell out...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    mine will be my name, Nima of course!
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    Should Pkmn Games be harder?

    They should be!! For example the " regi "s in S/R/E, it's badass!! I haven't played emerald yet, but when I finally get it, I'm going to solve the way to the regis (( the braile thing )) all by myself, for example by using wikipedia or something to getthe braile alphabet, something like this...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    My favorite pikemon are snolax and rayquaza And favorite gens are hoen and kanto and.... I love all of 'em!!