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  • Ooh okay.

    I've been all right. I have a part time job while I figure out where to continue next in life. Been playing lots of games in my free time.
    Edit: NEVER MIND, was able to add you.

    That's quite understandable, I'm like in the same position. Just the great friends from the past mostly left this place, so I'm trying to make Serebii for me fun again.

    And yes, I got Discord, though, it seems like your username/tag is wrong? Discord can't find/add you with that, oddly enough.
    Hey Destroyer, I've been trying to start story boarding some for Illisionary Revalations, and I was curious if you wanted to help on it?
    Hey, just to let you know, your signature is probably too tall and wide. The banner I made was intended to be used as a header of sorts, rather than a signature. You can easily resize the banner, or, if you want, I can do it for you (I have a software that allows for resizing while largely maintaining quality).

    Just a heads up, don't want you to get a signature infraction. :)
    I understand. With Ms. Lunara I think I'll just continue derping around with her until the principal is developed. :p I apologize if I sounded rude in my previous Visitor Message. I think I'll just retrofit Mr. Edwards as a math teacher. Is that okay with you?

    EDIT: I totally misread your VM, sorry about that. I thought that by "use your character" you meant "keep playing as Ms. Lunara". I'd be really happy to have Mr. Edwards be the principal, actually, but if you and fango pango can come up with a principal character I'll retrofit Mr. Edwards as a math teacher. Can you let me know in a few days whether or not you and fango pango have developed the principal?
    Uh... the last time fango pango was on the Pokemon Degrassi thread was February 7th, which was more than a month ago. Is he still working with you outside the thread to create a principal character? If not, I would greatly appreciate it if I can create the principal, because I do need a principal character to advance my other character's (Lumi Lunara's) plot.
    Well, you could try, right? Trying doesn't hurt!

    Or, you could use someone else. Or even in fact do one with another subject besides Pokémon, if you want to!
    *Awhile later, the convoy pulls up to the ruins and begins setting up base*

    Zephraxe: *Gets out of his truck and let's Kayleigh sleep, unless Mitch wants to wake her up*
    Hey man, I started a discussion for the Pokémon RP so we can discuss about plot and stuff. Plus people from other frums I go on may join.
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