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Det. Viper
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  • you welcome glad to help you out and i get ya i thought so but i wanted to make sure for what you asked for ;) I want my customers to be happy ^_^
    btw not sure how i did it but the correct spread one was wrong ability so i am giving you a 6 iv female spare for the inconvenience with correct ability
    alright i will get online now to trade give me one minute to get on i will trade you a random alolan vulpix in dream ball first then i will attach the metal coat to evolve the scyther :)
    alright i got to go to bed for work tommorow morning i will be online tommorow after 1pm unless something comes up i can trade just let me know what time you be available and i will try to be around that time hopefully so i don't miss you again.
    dang just missed ya again >.>well I try to stay on here but its hard when it logs me out when i am chating on discord lol
    as long as the 30 is in the - part of the nature its fine :) took me awhile to get the correct spread for your scyther which i just trade a random mon first i guess for the charmander with metal coat then do the second trade the scyther to help it evolve ^_^
    alrighty your scyther is ready for trade just message me here or on discord if you have want to make a trade time to pick it up ^_^ if you have discord it be super easier to get the trade faster since I am on there more then here when I am off from work ^_^ I will be on most of the day tomorrow
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