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Recent content by Det. Viper

  1. Det. Viper

    Breeding and transfer question

    They don’t lose their ball. When moved back into Home their original ball is retained. Just in those games the Poké ball or strange ball are placeholders. To my knowledge—i haven’t tried—the strange ball acts as a Poké ball for breeding purposes.
  2. Det. Viper

    Breeding and transfer question

    All Pokémon will retain their ball information in Pokémon Home. BDSP and PLA use the strange ball as a placeholder to handle to the unknown entry whereas SwSh will use a regular Poké ball to handle the unknown value. As of now you can transport things into PLA if they are coded into it. So you...
  3. Det. Viper

    BDSP: Worst Pokemon game?

    When it comes to what I think is the worst Pokémon game I have to first assign it a few categories. First is if it’s a spin-off or core series game and second is if it is an original game, sequel or remake. For the sake of this comment I would like to focus on core series games. Now, is BDSP...
  4. Det. Viper

    Problem with Pokémon Home & Hisuian Forms

    I just tried to deposit a Wyrdeer that originally was a Stantler in HeartGold and I got the same message. My guess is that these Pokémon are being falsely flagged as hacked or “impossible”. It seems like the games were updated to handle this but not the GTS.
  5. Det. Viper

    Rumors & Leaks - Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I just checked the videos they posted regarding the regions I noticed that Hisui wasn’t included. This could be because it’s just the Sinnoh region or they will be posting it next week and new region to start off in July OR … As @janejane6178 stated it could mean nothing. We will have to wait...
  6. Det. Viper

    Pokemon BDSP - Recent Happenings Thread

    I finally got around to continuing my game of Pearl. I just got through cycling road so I am not very far into the game. However, I did a little clean up of my Home account and decided to use a few in a game rather than release them. Also, since I will have most of my Pokémon gaining boosted...
  7. Det. Viper

    The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

    From my understanding Wrestle Zone has contacted WWE at least 4 times regarding this and WWE has denied it each time.
  8. Det. Viper

    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    I found a bunch of eggs in my Sapphire game about a month ago so I decided that I would hatch them to see what I was breeding nearly 20 years ago. I was happy to just enjoy the mystery. And then it happened… I hatched a shiny Treecko!! I had a shiny just sitting in an egg for nearly 20 years!
  9. Det. Viper

    Pokemon BDSP - Recent Happenings Thread

    Yes there is. I didn’t like that they had the update to have each individual Pokédex from the Switch and Go. I started with using the GTS to register all the Go legendary Pokémon and now I’m going with LGPE (and I hate it). Hoping to do BDSP next then tackle the 3 Galar ones. I hope it doesn’t...
  10. Det. Viper

    The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

    I’m assuming someone knew this was about to happen so they had Steph step back from her CBO duties to be CEO.
  11. Det. Viper

    ORAS has better graphics on the 3DS

    I wouldn’t worry so much that dynamax does not appear in any games outside of Sword and Shield. It was stated clearly in the games that dynamax only occurs in Galar as a result of Galar particles. That mechanic was made clear that it was only going to be there for these games.
  12. Det. Viper

    Gen 9 Pokemon - Discussion/Speculation Thread

    To make it even more special it shall be a mythical Pokémon and be #1000 in the Pokédex.
  13. Det. Viper

    I wish we could’ve gotten more villages

    I was thinking it was about 200 years which I might have phrased poorly in my original post. However, my point on that the connections from historical Hisui to present Sinnoh is found largely on side quests should still ring true.
  14. Det. Viper

    I wish we could’ve gotten more villages

    It’s not supposed to feel like Sinnoh. This is a few hundred years before the events of BDSP. The connection to current Sinnoh is the layout of the region, Jubilife Village, the explanation of Spear Pillar, the lake guardians, events happening that are then explained in books at Canalave...
  15. Det. Viper

    Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet - General Discussion/Speculation Thread

    The going theory right now is that those Pokémon, if I’m game, would evolve by level up if knowing their specific move.