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    hey how are you i want shiny Suicune from the Crown event
    i can offer
    shiny pidgey
    shiny nidoran male and female
    shiny spwarow
    shiny flaygon
    shiny milotic
    what are you willing to trade for that skarmory...i have a flawless shiny one w/brave bird and whirlwind, lv 1 ut
    I see..just pm me, I dont have msn. do hurry up before somebody else gets it first! xD

    EDIT: been from a trade now, his regigigas is hacked! O.O be back asap! hopes your regigigas isnt hacked. ^^

    Any lugia
    Any ho-oh
    Any entei,raikou, and suicune
    Any chikorita.

    don't care where they are from, don't care if they are events at all. just MUST BE LEGIT. please.

    also seek shiny milotic event.

    Contact if you have some of them i seek and get legit events/shinys in return. please, i really need these...
    i should be able to get the legends off the GTS & i can breed a chikorita for you - only thing with the GTS is there are several hacks & clones on there...

    lmk if you're interested dude
    Got, Shiny/non-shiny Calm/Bold Natural Cure Chansey/Blissey with Seismic Toss &/ Aromatherapy * Offering 6 shinies/events if it has good IVs, 4 shinies if it's decent/not so good. *?
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