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  • Hahaha, of course I remember you! You and your detective Buizel in women's clothing were one of my favorite characters in that one game. Uhm, Big Brother was it? Besides you are an awesome person, I don't forget awesome people^_^

    But anyway, good to hear you are doing quite well :D
    hehe, welcome back! It's been a super long time, wow (and i havent even been on here in quite a while, :p)
    Great minds think alike. :p

    Yeah a lot of people have left, haven't they? Things have been pretty good for me, I started uni and am now 18 and everything's going well! What about you?
    Well, tomorrow will be my last free day before my exams start. I had 2 and a half week free. My mom, sis and grandmother went on a vacation to Turkey. I don't like going on vacation, and I also stayed home so I could stay with Code^_^

    In the first week we had a sleepover at Code's, with in the weekend a sleepover at my dad's. Then I had to go to school for 3 days in the 2nd week of vacation, cause a lot of students wanted to have some more lessons before the exams started.(I believe we were the only school in The Netherlands that didn't had vacation at that time XP) And on the Wednesday we had the student stunt, which, unlike last year, was a good and funny one^_^

    Last Friday was Code's B-day, so I gave her a game for the Wii: Pandora's Tower Limited Edition. She was very happy with it^_^
    I looked at the game today, but Code get's extremely anxious when I'm watching her play, so she died a couple of times ^-^;
    Today I also went to my grandmother and grandfather for mother's day, uncles visited(One of my uncles turned 50 on the same date Code got her B-day XD) and there were lots of snacks, food and drinks. So it was an awesome day today. Especially now that I saw the new announced Pokémon, that made the day even greater^_^

    And how have you been doing, Dev?
    But don't you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Is catching them no longer your real test? Is it not your cause to train them? =(

    Haha well that's a fair assessment. I really enjoyed the games (BW are better, storywise, though). Going to actually try to max out my trainer card this time around. Although, I know my days are numbered. I'm planning to quit after they release the Ruby and Sapphire sequels. That was the generation I started in so I'm going to finish with it as well.
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