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  • English is by far one of my favorite classes. I like to write stories and such.
    Admittedly, NAPLAN and that persuasive writing crap bugs me. A lot.
    The only other classes I'm good at are Japanese and Maths
    According to my temp Japanese teacher, I am the best at introducing myself, and got the highest score :)
    I'm OK at Maths, though if too much algebra is involved I'll flip out and stare at the equation in fear
    I'd say I'd have to pay attention in Humanities more, since my geography is bad. Reaaaally bad. :p
    *fist bump*
    What a coincidence :D
    I'll get used to it one day, probably in year 8 or so when I've been settling down with the crazies for a year and I'm used to it.
    Still, people making out in front of their lockers will creep me out forever.
    Even my best friend that I knew before high school has gone crazy. It helps me make friends with others, but still.
    Not to mention homework for the accelerated classes is a drag.
    Only one away!
    Lucky you
    I'm stuck at the bottom of the school with crazy kids who seem to think they need boyfriends/girlfriends to be popular.
    It's insane.
    What we have now is sufficient, but I cannot go back on my word that 35 people will sign up before the game begins.
    Several things. First off is injections at my school, then a leadership meeting for the school council, then a class party, then I have rehearsals for a musical, and lastly I have a interschool debate late that evening that will go for god-knows how long.
    Plus classes = Chaos
    I suppose my lifestyle is pretty good, apart from stupid political craziness getting in the way.
    Though, tomorrow, I get a taste of the craziness. I'm gonna be so busy :p
    Well, homework is still important. Do you have any hobbies outside of video games?

    Haha that's not too bad of a wait. But that's normal for HS (having the break end/begin on easter).
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