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  • Well, I guess not entirely accidentally, I just wanted to start a new game but somehow forgot I had shinies. (How do I forget that?)
    No, sorry Lampent is my only one at the moment. (I had others but I accidentally deleted the file with them in it)
    I've decided to continue our conversation here instead of on the shiny Pokémon discussion. So, what do you mean by Double Trade?
    hey sweetie got an idea for you to help with your shiny dex...theres a shiny trading thread in the trade forum. If you go there they will be alot of shiny trades to fill your dex ; 3
    oh sorry forgot to add this in my first post...I want to wish you luck on the shiny dex...I think thats awsome that your trying to fill the dex with shiny forms ; 3
    oh sorry i wasn't trying to misunderstand your post I just was saying that some people don't want to trade shinies even if helping others thats all, and i was just asking sweetie because i was not sure what you meant by barrowing...Anyway thank you for the feebas good luck ; 3....Im sorry again I misunderstood your post and I should of been more clear on my post as well...
    hey sweetie i know your new so Ill let you slide this time about the post that its only one sentences but please for future post, please have two sentences...thanks...welcome to serebii, glad my thread was your first post ; 3
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