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  • oh. whoopsies. then i strongly advise you spread pokerus around! whenever midnight clicks over youre likely to lose it, in case you didnt know. even if your game is turned off it can remove it. so definitely spread it around now.
    it turns out i only have one and i gotta keep that.
    but, these 2 have the pokerus, and theres the egg. i think youre guaranteed to have 3 top IVs with it too, so check it out.
    so, i advise you spread pokerus to at least 3 more pokemon so you can guarantee you wont ever lose pokerus.
    okay. im on now. you didnt write me your FC until i had to leave, so i couldnt do anything about that. im here now, so if you are find me.
    so you on or what? i gotta get going soon so.... we doing this now, or a couple hours from now? i need your FC.
    one thing though.. im in the elite 4 leveling up. i have 3 left to go through, so ill be there when i can.
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