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Dew Watatsumi

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  • Omg hiiiiii! It's been a long time, Dew! Everything's going fine, even if not much has changed lol. How 'bout you? You been doing well?
    Thats awesome :3 she's really cute btw (you just know me i tend to stay loyal to one person and right now thats korrina lol xD)
    later is fine with me, im trying to clear out some pkmn from my PKbank boxes in WT atm. the balls you're trying to get oshawott in are interesting to me too. i can atleast get you a HA male or even a HA female if i get enough luck there.
    its really up to you, i dont battle much in gen7 but i do like breeding pkmn in special balls for my collection. it also helps me out with trades for trading options. ive bred many competetive pkmn but only used a handful of them in the past relying on my core team.

    helping out players getting certain ball combos is one thing i like to do. i mostly have the spares already in stock but sometimes i use what i have and breed others. im not sure if i'll go for or even get good 5IV pkmn but i do try to get the best IVs or anything thats useful.
    i dont know the percentage but i managed to take a regular PKball HA snivy and transfer it into a friend ball for the HA. if you take away the factor of the PKball design its the usual HA offspring outcome paired with the female offspring percentage. just keep trying and hope for a HA male in special ball and put it to the female HA for better odds. you seem to be having some bad luck on the rolls.

    if you want, i can try to help you out on both HA special ball oshawotts. ive pretty much exhausted most of my interest in the gen7 aside from plaza level grinding. gen7 was rather underwhelming but i do like to spend some time breeding pet projects to pass the time. all i'd need are 2 differnt normal ability males for a pairing.
    you'll just need more patience for the HA to come with special ball. the fact you get the special ball offspring proves its possible with enough eggs. that is providing the female has the HA.
    if you just want a special ball HA oshawott then just get a normal male in special ball and put it to a female HA one at same evolution stage. in gen7 there will be a 50/50 ball result between regular and dive/net/nest etc etc ball with the offspring.
    if your're interested in a HA samurott/oshawott, i have those pkmn spares in PKbank (gen6).
    My mom frighten's me more than death in a way really. I....just.....don't quite know how to deal with her, i guess. It may be me who's really confused, though...with the autism :< i really do wonder: How will i make it out there? is an angel watching closely over me? Is it korrina, or riku, or somepony else?
    I think i've heard of him o.o Any images, per chance?

    I'm a little worried about things relating to my mom right now. I may have nightmares about death tonight. I...sorta felt i'd have dreams like that for awhile, really.

    I do not like how my brain works with the autism sometimes :<

    It makes me wonder if i'm doing some things right, or not. I should...remember what my counsoler said on tuesday.

    It kinda reminded me of what mable said to korrina. On how her lucario and her share a simular goal, but their roles are different? One heart, two view points...
    I have noooo idea what you just said :p Oh well.

    I'm back. My Knight and Me is an awesome show. lol Using science to fight a dark wizard :p Honestly, that wizard was awesome tho. The way he boasted LOL it reminded me of trixie from mlp a little xD
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