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Dew Watatsumi

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  • don't need any of those thanks though XD which i already have a shiny near flawless florges anyway XD
    i don't get what your saying lol but if you talking about the gym for master need to rng something still and i haven't had a chance since its 4:3 i need one more member which i do have it ev trained and stuff on x and y i breed but it doesn't have the move tutor to work as good as it would no worries i can still battle with that one just it will not have a move that is better then what i have on it now...
    Well you were testing out pokes, not nrccesarily went altogether perfectly that's why, I just grabbed random pokes in my boxes
    Actually not bad that's something I'd try out and the main reason I was breeding meowstick a few weeks ago to use trick with, lol, I was breeding em for vgc though so they wouldn't have been a whole lot of help.... Do you need a modest shell armor lapras with freeze dry and ancient power? I have a bunch left over and can give you one if you want, lure ball was one of the 2 poke balls I was breeding them in
    Gg, was a fun battle, and also I misclicked when I did that first brine attack meant to click freeze dry instead, was that meowstick running rain dance to cover for hydration vaporeon?

    I can see why, you still made the right play but i woulda gone for sucker punch and mega evolve on the second turn, also since switch occurs before mega evolving intimidate would activate on hyper cutter then you'd mega evolve and still be at a neutral stat and not -1 so it was still safe that way, I just found that out this week
    Let me know if this is fine, name wise. I would recommend sticking with Dew, but if you really insist on having Watatsumi it can be added but will look tiny (due to space limitation).
    Also, if it is fine, please upload it yourself somewhere as I will delete it off my imgur account soon.
    Let me know! Again, congrats on becoming Champion! :)
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