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  • I see I am doing alright had to practically get a new laptop for the third time because my old one fan stopped working which it was cheaper to just get a new laptop which that one ended up having its motherboard fried -_- and now I got my new one now which I had to end up getting a brand new one because it would of been cheaper been a crazy end of the 2015 so far which I understand what you mean in a way when you are a competitive battler its annoying that when you mm something and it ends up being the wrong spread when you get it >.< I think I mm'd two shiny cleffa's and both came out with the wrong spreads -_-
    hey dewey how it going? been awhile since we talked I seriously lost the loop of rnging :/ I have been mostly normal mming now in oras and soft reseting events and etc...
    Huh? ... Oh, that. I forgot about it. Thanks for letting me know. I'll go check it out.
    Ah, yes, I see. I mean, naturally for a competitive trainer, IVs are far more important than Shiny because IVs are what makes difference in the battle. And, I've gotten no idea about how to RNG or anything so it barely makes a difference how tricky it was.

    XY hack checker was suppose to be really good. I mean Nintendo did announce things like how they will prevent hacking etc but then again, hacked Pokemon make their way easily into the games, although a few certain Pokemon can't be traded on GTS or WT even though they do not have the ribbons attached, while certain perfectly fine Pokemon are mistreated as hacks. After claiming to improve the standards of the hack checking, it's gone down even further.
    Well, yes, the Super training chart shows it as what I've listed. So, yea, the fact that IV calculator on SPP showed HP as invalid caused me to go mad and I was confirming like every second. After a few hours, I got so frustrated I sent it back in the WT. What I was guessing is that could it not have been a RNG? And, isn't there a hack filter in XY?

    Anyway, thank you so much for taking the efforts to look into it. I hope it wasn't much of a problem.
    So, yo! I wanted to get a Pokemon checked. I know about the Hack check thread but people there are just random sometimes, so I thought about sending you a VM. I hope you do not mind.

    Thank you. :)
    Aw D: I'm looking for a 6IV Hasty Latios. Preferably not Shiny, but I won't be picky.

    Pokecheck shut down a long time ago so it's hard to find RNGed stuff nowadays.
    I don't think it's yours Dewey I ran that TID and PID through Pandora's Box Infinite Search and found no results for having 31/31/31/17/31/31 Adamant shiny.
    bingo was his nameo lol sorry had to make that joke saw you post in the hack check thread but how are you? about to go to bed its late and getting back into rnging again gunna give it another spin even when check is down.
    hi dewey how is it going long time no see :) how the rnging coming along do you still rng? It seems i have been feeling less to rng lately do to check is down as well as the new kalos born easy breeding now. I still think it kinda stinks most of my precious rngs got thrown to the curve do to most people don't want rng stuff anymore besides the legendaries you can't find in x and y.
    Hey Dewey, since you're reputed as one of the better hack checkers here could you please check out my latest post in the hack check thread?
    yeah i thought so for sure just wanted back up ^_^ but yeah i don't know if it was truely japanese though could it still show the Japanese name of darkrai and stuff but if you hack the trainer id would it change it? i never work with a gameshark/ar anymore cuaz im strongly against since 1st gen that was the last time i used it which was a horrible thing to do i learned when i was a kid it stupid and worthless to do...sorry about me lashing out a bit of anger was in me >.> but anyway thanks for the help ill take my chances there may be a possibility he never loaded to check at all but being on 6th gen can't use pokecheck so i guess ill have to make a quick decision on this :/
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