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  • Thanks for your help, but I am one of those people who doesn't trust or want anything to do with Pokecheck.

    Ah well, this dream was fun to entertain while it lasted.
    The only event Gengar too.

    I read Rayce's post on the matter, but I don't know if I can trust Neoseeker. I don't know their policies or how involved their mods are on keeping the trades going on legitimate, like Serebii had done up until now.
    While I appreciate your offer, I doubt you can help me. I'm hunting the JEREMY Gengar that was handed out at Toys'R'Uses back in 2004 for Leaf Green and Fire Red. I've only seen it in, at most, 2 trade shops here on Serebii, so it appears to be quite the rarity.

    It was nice to dream that I might get it some day and it was a fun experience doing the trading I have and bringing the mutual happiness that I have with my trading, but it looks like those days are done.
    Gen VI is guaranteed to be the 3DS, for which there are no cheating devices and likely won't be
    And thanks! Yeah, we've been doing really well with the shop. It's just been a busy week so we've not had the chance to do some of our longstanding trades... *Sigh* haha.
    I just downloaded it! Thank you so much! :D I'll definatly let you know how it goes! Wow! I cannot wait to use it! :D
    Hi, How r u? I was wondering if I download ur RNG Thundurus without the ribbon, would it would be detected as a hack in the VGCs? I wanted to use it there. It would be an honor :)
    I know you're probably busy, but I'd figure to ask again :eek:
    If you remember awhile back I had requested some Pokemon (5 of them I think?) to be RNGed as eggs with specifics/etc (you can click View Conversation and you'd find it pretty fast, it's on Page 3). Any chance some of those can get done?
    Yea i think you told me that last time i visited, you said you put them all on pokecheck though :( lose value in your own rngs, so with black and white 2 is this some sort of rip off extension to black and white? or are they having a new dex
    nah not yet, i likely wont again at least not for shinies maybe for like super rare events with brawl and his new buddies but not now. how u been?
    Hi, dewey, long time no see:) I just wanna ask how do you RNG pokemon in entree forest in BW2? I heard that it's different from BW1, and there are some pokemon with dream world exclusive move I wanna RNG
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