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Jun 7, 2018
Nov 28, 2013
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Jan 26, 1992 (Age: 26)

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Member, 26, from Brazil

dgarock was last seen:
Jun 7, 2018
    1. EonMaster101
      If that is the case, then yes it would be quite useless. X3
      Fair enough. Not sure it'd be any better here, but...
      I always try to, but about halfway through I start focusing on beating the game as opposed to catching and evolving as many Pokémon as possible. I'd like to do it myself at least once, so maybe I'll finally manage this time around. I haven't actually looked into the QR code thing at all, but it seems very useful. I never used the Bank, though- unlike some others I guess I don't have anything worth transferring, hah.
    2. EonMaster101
      Yeah... though I think the email I gave you then no longer exists...? That's really the only way aside from a few other sites, though. ^^;
      I would agree with that, certainly, though I of course cannot speak for how things are there. I guess we'll never know until I get to that point, though. Here's hoping~
      I have had almost no time at all to dedicate to playing through Alola, unfortunately. I'm near the end in Moon, not sure what I'll focus on after that. I'll probably try to actually fill the Dex this time around... That should be fun. XD
    3. EonMaster101
      I have an email, but that's about it. I keep trying to be more active but it never actually happens.
      Yeah... that's always been in my mind, too. I guess I'll just have to work with the skills I do have and figure it out then- not much I can do at this point.
      That is true enough. X3
    4. EonMaster101
      I keep forgetting to log on here gosh dang it.
      I suppose so.
      Yeah, I'm sure I will, but still... I've never really had a passion for anything. I have no skills really and all I do is waste time online (because I'm a socially awkward outcast) and draw at an average level. I really hope something comes up...
      I still haven't beaten either game and I've had them since the weekend they came out here.
      Honestly, even though it's past now, the whole country pretty much still agrees with that sentiment.
    5. EonMaster101
      That's no fun to hear!! I am sorry it seems that way over there. Not sure I can say much for my own country, however...
      That and I really have no talents/interests at all. I hope I can figure something out so no one has to worry. I don't know about the test to check but I could look into it? Might help.
      Yeah, the demo is pretty nice! Certainly makes me feel a bit more excited for the new games! (Some if the designs worried me at first but overall I still like the look of the new generation.)
      Yeah, me too. I honestly would like so much to meet you all in person some day.
    6. EonMaster101
      I never heard of anything happening, so I guess it's good that t least everyone was ok. It's sad to hear that things aren't going so swimmingly over there, though. Some things are just that way sometimes I guess, sigh.
      I agree, honestly. The problem is that I have no idea what sort of career I want to pursue anyways. So stressful...
      Oh wow that's cool! I still have to get mine, hahah. Having friends around the world is pretty cool. ^w^
    7. EonMaster101
      My family is perfectly fine- we're on the opposite coast so the worst for us was lots and lots of rain. Thankfully I haven't heard of anything serious happening because of it anywhere else, either.
      Depends on the individual twchnucally, but typically you're expected to get a job and begin working at least. Since I lack social skills and talents of any kind... well... I'm not really looking forward to that.
      True- always did like the anime. I need to watch/catch up on Tri, actually- just been so busy lately.
    8. EonMaster101
      Yeah, it's hurricane season and there's a storm passing along the coast.
      I know- it's honestly terrifying to think I'll be on my own soon.
      If I ever get a system they're playable one then I will definitely look into it.
    9. EonMaster101
      I'm about to be 16, actually. ^^; I suppose you're right, though- it just happens.
      Fair enough. All of the games I'm waiting for won't be available for a while, haha. Never have played a Digimon game...
    10. EonMaster101
      Same- like if I actually sat down and focused and tried I'm sure I'd be fine but I haven't very good at that lately... I can be such an absolute idiot sometimes.
      Yeah, like the concept is cool and all but it seems like they totally ditched Mega's even though they were all new and hype in Gen VI.
    11. EonMaster101
      Yeah... I used to be so good at handling work loads- planning and getting stuff done etc.- but I guess at some point I said 'Screw this.' and got lazy and now it's causing me problems. Argh, wanting to beat myself up over here for that.
      The Alolan forms fascinate me a bit tbh, though it seems like it temp. thing?? almost akin to Mega Evolution I guess. (I haven't been keeping up with Sun/Moon news lately though so I could be missing something.)
    12. EonMaster101
      I see, too bad about that. A hurricane just passed my state but nothing too bad. School is dumb but that's sort of a given, I'm super busy lately and have so little free time. I keep meaning to look into Ace Attorney and see how the games work. (heard a lot about them but never actually played one) Oh yeah Sun/Moon... kinda mixed on that but still excited.
    13. EonMaster101
      I have mixed feelings about the news we received, in all honesty. I won't say more in case you haven't seen it yet.
      Yeah, thanks- the worst is today and then I'll be fine. (Ugh, an AP exam in my worst subject. Best Friday morning ever.)
    14. EonMaster101
      Whatever the case is, I'm curious nevertheless to see how the games will turn out when they ARE released.
      I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean. I'm honestly just stressed with everything going on right now.
    15. EonMaster101
      Yeah, the Pokémon were a bit 'meh' overall but I really liked the story there. Something with that thought-inducing sort of element would be real nice to have in there again.
      Eh, that's life- nothing you can really do about that. It'll be another month or so until summer break gets here.
    16. EonMaster101
      Honestly same, though I can't help hoping for something decent at least.

      I'll just say this- having all AP/Honors classes is an absolute pain. I just want this year to be over.
    17. EonMaster101
      Yeah, personally I'd like an improvement in the story department just because, well, they've been rather lacking in content lately. A good story would make the new generation feel so much more impactful, too, and make the game more enjoyable (for me, anyways).

      Ehhh... fine, I guess? School's been worse this last quarter, even if it is my fault, but other than that I guess I'm doing alright.
      How about you?
    18. EonMaster101
      I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wouldn't have been surprised if Z had been announced. Sun and Moon still sound pretty interesting, though, and I'm curious about how they turn out.
      Ah, nice to hear!! Even if I can't play it myself, it's good to know that those who can are enjoying it that much!
    19. EonMaster101
      I know, and I'm really excited! Sure, we don't know anything yet aside from the names, but I'm still excited to be getting a new set of Pokémon games.
    20. EonMaster101
      Sadly, I do not. Oh, well- I'm sure I can at least watch it or something if I don't ever procure one of the systems.
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    Jan 26, 1992 (Age: 26)
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    Well, I'm just a simple guy who likes Pokémon, Rock Music and Football a lot.

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    It's not the way, that you say it, when you do those things to me
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