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  • Alright, fair enough. Good luck breeding! :)
    I actually recently got a new 3DS and haven't updated the FC on this site... It's usually pretty full anyway, so I only add people if I'm trading them.
    Actually, shininess doesn't raise the chances of the offspring being shiny. Breeding pokemon from different regions does (ie. Japanese ditto + English pokemon). The ditto I have isn't shiny, but it it is Japanese, so if you breed it with a pokemon from a region other than Japan, then you'd have increased chances. Of course, if you breed a shiny with something from a different region, it would also have increased chances, but it isn't the shininess that affects it.

    But yeah, if you trust the ditto you have/don't care, then just use it. Just thought I'd offer since you seemed skeptical of it. :)
    You shouldn't trade hacks around here mate (Victini and arceus are hacked since they are event only pokemon wich always have a ribbon that prevents them from being traded over the GTS/wondertrade). Please don't offer those anymore
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