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Last Activity:
Jun 27, 2013
Nov 12, 2008
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Sales Associate, Food Distributor, Owner Operator,

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ミッドナイト ミュウツー, from Ontario

diablo_200525 was last seen:
Jun 27, 2013
    1. teamVASIMR
      Sorry man I had no idea.
      *sends prayer*
    2. diablo_200525
      Sorry guys, I don't know when I will be back...
      PS: This was just a blog entry of mine.

      Good day Pokémon Solstice Forums,

      I wish I could of came with better news. I have been really upset the past couple of days because of what I am about to tell you. So please just read, or ignore. Whatever, I don’t give two damns anymore.

      So as some of you guys know… My step-mother has been dealing with breast cancer, because of that I had to take some time off of school to take care of her and blah blah blah.

      Well, sadly, the house hold money phase has been depleting and depleting slightly over the course of 15 months that all of this **** has fallen upon us.

      I get a phone call one morning…. Saying that as of June, we will no longer be living at the apartment……. CPP and dad’s job is not enough to support the house. Thus, moving them to the campground… Where does that leave me you might ask?

      Well… That I do not know… As of July I may or may not become homeless.

      I will be attempting to get hold of my uncle that lives near town, or worse comes to worse, get in touch with my mother to see if I am able to move to Ottawa, and quit my job.

      The internet will be cut off at the end of May, and my uncle’s house or mom’s does NOT have the internet. So my attendance may become bleak or even non-existent.

      Dammit I am going to be brutally honest… The past couple of years has been a living hell for me. Not only are we battling with court orders, family wars and drama, dad’s alcoholic abuse, financial crunches, but we also face the medical phase.

      I am terribly sorry to all of you here; I made a commitment that I could not keep. I said that I would try and be here to help solstice evolve from a hamlet into a striving community.

      So, this may or may not be the last hour that I will be able to poke around..... Gah, my eyes are so damn watery... I can barely see whatt I am tpying....


      ~ Midnight Mewtwo ~
    3. Mudkip8003
      Hey Ryan, guess who this is?
    4. teamVASIMR
      Hope it works out for your family!

    5. diablo_200525
      Sorry guys, family emergency. Be back Monday!
    6. Rommath
      Been on term holidays. :D

    7. Darato

    8. Red1062
      There aren't any rivals with Toysrus around here. Plus I don't wanna get fired lol.
    9. Profesco
      Cobalion is so cool. Easy the most visually appealing of the Muskteer set. And you know, I started with Snivy in Black version, and despite its poor offensive stats and movepool, Serperior has actually been one of the most reliable and victorious Pokemon I've used in Unova. I am pleasantly shocked. o_o

      Ah, to retire at such a young age... How nice~
    10. PsychedelicJellyfish

      Cos Brits are invincible, obviously. Only old age can harm us.

      I'm trying to decide what to do. I really don't want to go back to the school I was at but I have to do something.

      18 in the UK. I know nothing of the laws you have in Canadia.

      I'm quite sad right now :(
    11. teamVASIMR
      Thanks for answering!
    12. Profesco
      Ah, cool. Do you have any favorite Pokemon on your team yet?

      I probably need a break from the forum, but we always seem to have something dire happening. If it's not the bots, it's the trolls.
    13. PsychedelicJellyfish
      Congrats, have a cookie.

      Good good, the stiff upper lip can get one through anything.

      Hey, I stand by my decision. I had perfectly good reasons and I haven't regretted it. SO THERE. And thanks, everything going smoothly just now so it damn well better stay that way.

      But you turned 18 over a year ago :S
    14. Rommath
    15. Red1062
      I'm about to start looking for a new job. My paychecks SUCK! I don't feel appreciated at my job either. Too many changes and I ain't feeling it.
    16. koolayray
      Wat up ***. I'm starting a new Pokemon site. It's gonna blow this **** hole outta the park.
    17. VoltTacklingPika
      I've been having a couple of health issues recently, but otherwise fine.

    18. VoltTacklingPika
      Yes, I do recognise you.
    19. Red1062
      I mean I know there's shinies cause I ran into a shiny Litwick =] It's the only shiny I've found though. Completely random too. Popped out when I was EV training. I wonder what that trick you're talking about is. If you learn anything let me know ;D Oh yeah, one word of advice, never work for Toysrus -_-
    20. PsychedelicJellyfish
      Hey, that's cheating :(

      I did nothing as exciting as those things ¬_¬ Sorry to hear about your stepmother though, I hope she's ok :|

      I, um, did, um, stuff. I dropped out of school (I'm such a REBEL ;O) and suffered a massive personal problem which ruined my life for about six months before I managed to straighten myself out again. So yeah. That's basically it though x)

      Oh, I also became an adult. Go me.
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    Sales Associate, Food Distributor, Owner Operator,
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