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  • Indeed.

    See, even when you know you are being manipulated the indeed makes you smile.

    Tests really make it hard to do well, they put on so much unrealistic pressure.

    Indeed indeed.

    Random find or did you look for it?

    Don't worry, as long as I am around that should be impossible.
    Exactly, it has mystical powers.


    Well at least you are prepared.


    Especially seeing as you already have a sealed copy of Dark Side as well.

    No problem.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy 18th Birthday dear Ryan.
    Happy Birthday to you :)
    We always had to steer clear of tracks in the off-cahnce we broke down just as a train came and brought an end to the poor old Tauros' life.
    Wow, really? That seems, exciting, though I imagine it's not like you ever see them anywhere :p

    By the way, I'm not sure if you saw the post since I edited it. I left a little note for you at the bottom if you didn't ^^
    Oh god the Tauros. I'm not sure what the year was, but my Father used to have a Tauros that he drove me around in when I was 6 or 7. Its front right tire was on the edge of falling off, the heater only worked in the summer, the brakes made a screeching noise akin to those creepy zombie things found in 'the legend of zelda wind waker' and the seats were suspiciously sticky.

    Its a shame the engine had to go and catch on fire like that.
    I watched a TV show last year where the host went with Don Cherry to see how he gets his suits done. They're custom made and Cherry goes to Fabricland to pick out his fabric. Seriously. He goes to the fabric store and just picks out anything he likes ^^ I'm excited to see what I can write about for tomorrow :p
    hehe. I kinda have a soft spot for old junky cars. Thats not to mean I don't like some of these newer sleeker cars, but it'll be hard to beat the Blazer anytime soon.
    Woah. I just realized I don't have a favorite car. D:

    I guess my car, just an old busted up Blazer that has the tendency to break down in the most annoying places. I put spinners on it for some shits and giggles, but most people come up and compliment me on them. The world has become a very strange place to live in.
    ohhhh, I thought you had created a name that fortold the year 'diablo' would take over the world and hell on earth would break loose.

    But cars are fun too.
    What drives me to draw more often is to visualize my characters, and considering the story I'm working on now has characters that are less based on looks I'm just not as desperate to draw them. (though I did do some photomanips of them that I think turned out pretty cool)
    That is indeed one advantage.

    *evil grin*

    Hopefully your exams will not be too much work.

    I guess that explains some things.

    Well, that would be asking for a little too much would it not?

    And (seeing as it is the 22nd here) I do believe a Happy Birthday is in order.
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