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    Now that is good ^^ great to hear we was cool with it =D

    Arg...I'm tired. I kept waking up last night for some reason.
    Exactly, but Kat had pretty much always had a big lead because her main competitor got a new account leaving her with no real competition...
    That is really what this early part is about, building up a base and getting as much of a gap as you can to make life easier.
    Fuji always gets ahead of me, use the short periods of time that he is away to try and build a gap, it works for a period of time usually...
    That will put you in the top 5 easily. It does seem to be shaping to be mostly the same group as last time, with a couple of new entries that may or may not stick around.
    yeah that is how it happened last time, but I want to prolong it as much as I can, I like the battling, it is much more fun.
    Well it existed once, it just no longer existed by the end of the thread, yet it still placed...
    Hey I am a newbie too, it was 2 newbies, 2 vets and an account that no longer exists...
    I had a feeling it was going to happen this way but I could not remember exactly, either way it was helpful to all of us, except Kat of course.
    To be completely honest I never expected to keep it, but I can't just give first to Kat now can I, I still want to be second at least =D
    Well 2 places said no =[ And the girl hunt has kinda been postponed cause I haven't been going out lately but I am on Friday so it might resume then.
    Hmmm i never thought of that.. and im still going to tell her we're celebrating the 50 wether i am 200km away or not.. XD
    That's good :)

    Well, it was today and he seemed pretty okay with it.
    Just played Four Second Fury, this newgrounds game where you have 4 seconds to complete these small mini-games. It causes quite a panic for your body and mind. The sequel is Four Second Firestorm, more panic! You can get tired after just 2 minutes!!!
    My folks are 50 and 48.... They dont complain yet... Except for mom.. "Oh thr turning 50 wont bother me" yet when i mention it she completely goes bisrek
    My Mom seems fine with getting older. She says having a problem with it is like saying "No thank you, God, for the year of life" XP But from what I've heard my Dad has hated birthdays since he turned 30.
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