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    Colress in BW2 had that countdown in his theme.
    Thanks for pointing that out.

    I would have replied to you, but I already responded to a salty poster about how the team is "lame". I didn't feel like editing my post. LOL!
    The day we get an official look at Brendan without his hat is the day I quit gaming.
    Oh, if only I could rep right now. xDD
    Do feed the troll Kira/Lorde, everyones who does their homework of the show know Ash's friends have always have focused episodes. So there is no need for the'sidekicks' to get more focused when they always had foucsed episodes.
    Just had to stop buy and comment on your signature; man it's been a couple years since I last picked up Twewy. ;D
    No need to post it in the thread, Miryada is sending the spoilers to who wants them, let it be like that so the ones who dont want to be spoiled aren't spoiled.
    Hey man. I actually kinda like BW Ash over his DP self too, despite all his shortcomings and regression. I kinda feel like he's become the main character again, as opposed to how he shared the spotlight with Dawn more in DP (which was kinda cool, though). I really missed his quirks and his personality I felt he kinda lost there in lieu of a more mature form, I guess.
    when i saw your tag I had a vague feeling I read it somewhere before. Then when i saw the forum posts it finally klicked where. strange how it fits N in a way
    No, I only know about the story because I like to spoil the stuff for myself. Wait till the American release and I'm sure lots of people will have it.
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