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Last Activity:
Jun 28, 2015
Jul 31, 2011
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Dialga123 was last seen:
Jun 28, 2015
    1. 55afrothunder
      wanna battle bw ou
    2. Psilo
      Just message me when you can. I'd prefer a legit battle in the meantime, that can be something we can save for the future that could prove interesting.
    3. Psilo
      You bringing that Latias gave me an idea though lol.
      We have a battle with pokes that have normal stats but crazy hacked abilities and see where it goes. The only condition would be that wonder guard could only be used on one team member. Could be fun.
    4. Psilo
      Just saw your last message. Don't worry about it man.

      I meant modest when I said timid btw lol. Know her max speed is 350 with timid. Slip of the tongue lol.
    5. Psilo
      She's probably timid, judging from those speed and SpA stats. But she certainly doesn't learn nasty plot and have speed boost as a legit ability. And stone edge is supposed to do more coming from a banded entei, so something isn't right with the defense there.

      Just bring legitimate pokes to the next one.
    6. Psilo
      K, man I had to disconnect cus I'm waiting on a fair battle from another person lol. That was kind of a waste of time.

      Btw, the first set of pokes you used weren't "legal hacks"
      I'm sure they were legal in terms of fair stats and legit abilities, but I couldn't make a battle video....and I've made videos with the exact team I used before.
    7. Psilo
      And Latias doesn't even learn nasty plot XD
    8. Psilo
      Plus there's just no way a stone edge from a max attack banded entei would do that little, unless it's stats were through the roof.
      Lol. Are you that starved for a win to bring something like that to the field?

      If you'd told me what you were bringing, it would've been cool. But you must've felt pretty threatened after that second battle to bring something like that without telling the other person.
    9. Psilo
      Yeah dude, that just doesn't make for a fair battle at all. Why bring that?
    10. Psilo
      Lol. Speed boost latias, huh? I don't believe that's a legal hack.
    11. Psilo
      You're probably right lol. I don't recall. Sorry about how long it took to find the pokes for my team.
    12. Psilo
      You 3-0'd me in the first one fair and square, and I 6-0'd you in the second one fair and square (might've been 5-0 if you had your comp, taking into consideration what you had left and what I had left to switch into). Let's chalk it up to you not expecting me to know what to expect lol.
      Both were GG's

      Just give me a sec to set up a different team. My PC is cluttered as hell so it'll take a few minutes.
    13. Psilo
      That "accessing the comp for weaknesses thing" sounds like more of an excuse than that lol. I knew what to expect this time around, so I knew what move to make.
      The cases in which you couldn't have had a neutral or super-effective move to hit me with, you would've had to switch...in which case I would've gotten a free hit.
    14. Psilo
      GG man.
      I had to make up for the first one lol.
    15. Psilo
      Oh, and GG in the last one :)
      Just realized I never said that haha.
    16. Psilo
      I'm hosting the next one for a match with you, so feel free to click on me haha.
    17. Psilo
      Cool. Yeah, if you're up for it, let's do it.
    18. Psilo
      Yeah, I figured you might've used this in 4th gen after using some moves that threw me lol. I didn't get into battling until January, so I'm not really familiar with 4th gen sets. And for some reason I thought Gardevoir would outspeed Croak.

      Want a rematch with the same teams?
    19. Psilo
      Ah, no problem man lol. My game's been off this one anyway. Haven't really dealt with Rampardos before....should've sent Scizor in sooner.
    20. Psilo
      Same to you
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