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Last Activity:
Jun 28, 2015
Jul 31, 2011
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Dialga123 was last seen:
Jun 28, 2015
    1. Ayvarn
      Tell Alex good game, he wiped the floor with me XD
      I need to now find a replacement for electivire and reconsider my strategy lol

      And does he use choice scarf on his dragonite?
    2. Dialga123
      it is gay because of it, maybe xP and btw, I've battled a guy with that kind of an Umbreon, geeez!!!! -.-'
    3. Ayvarn
      Lol, is my stall gay because it is effective? I personally find it quite useful (I also have an umbreon who mean look toxic wish stalls people lol, I think you would hate him XP )

      And does waterfall or avalanche have better coverage?

      I need to find myself a spinner - I quite like your cloyster although he's weak to SR
    4. Dialga123
      join Alex's battle
    5. Dialga123
      waterfall is better tho, some of pokemon are real, some of them are made xP and ur stall thing is kinda gay xP
    6. Ayvarn
      Ok. I'll head into the wifi room
    7. Dialga123
      Ayvarn, Alex is free now, wanna come battle him?
    8. Ayvarn
      Lol, I would have just edged you out then lol as air slash would have eventually beaten your protects.

      Do you think waterfall is better than avalanche?
      And what is your swampert's ev spread as mine seemed to be worse than yours lol.

      I liked how we both over predicted at some stages and I loved how I epically failed with mismagius lol
    9. Dialga123
      ohh yea, it is a good team, accept, I HATE your Togekiss xP and btw, forgot to tell you, that Waterfall I used was my last Waterfall ^^
    10. Ayvarn
      Lol, no, I'll leave it til another day then. Have you seen my questions below for improving my team etc?
    11. Dialga123
      mate, Alex is in a battle now, we can battle again ^^ we have time xP
    12. Ayvarn
      Tell Alex I'm heading in. And we'll have to battle another day, I need to do stuff (didn't expect an epic stall battle lol) That is the most epic battle I've had
    13. Dialga123
      Dragonic, you still here bro? I wanna battle you, than I'll battle Ayvarn again ^^
    14. Ayvarn
      roost had 3 or 4 pp (can you also check my questions just below as well please?)
    15. Dialga123
      how many PP did roost have? my friend added you, battle him, his name is Alex and his friend code is 3740 1295 1687
    16. Ayvarn
      My togekiss had 3 or 4 roosts left lol. It was down to the wire our battle :-)
    17. Ayvarn
      Tell your friend I'll battle him in 10 minutes.

      Is my team any good (other than the fact I made a few small errors?)
      I like your team, are they RNG'd shinies?
      And what is the ev spread on your swampert? It seems more effective than mine.
      Also, my Swampert has avalanche instead of waterfall - which do you reckon is better?

      I enjoyed battling with you and will have to do it again :-)
    18. Ayvarn
      Lol, how much pp did waterfall still have?
    19. Dialga123
      Dragonicwari, 3740 1295 1687 this is my friend's code, name him Alex, he's online now
    20. Dragonicwari
      I posted this on mine instead of yours, if he's on I can, mine is 2150 7154 3508
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