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Mar 19, 2011
Sep 26, 2008
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DialgaMan was last seen:
Mar 19, 2011
    1. Kingdra
      Sorry I couldn't be on all day, it turns out my wi-fi wasn't working and I spent my whole morning trying to fix it. And I had something that took up my whole afternoon. I'll stay on for a while and wait, and if not i'll be on tomorrow morning. I still have your Porygon2 and the Dubious Disc ready to trade.
      And I gave you the wrong fc too: please use this one 4597 5634 1899
    2. Cassanova
      Got Darkrai?
    3. Aesir22
      wil je nog ruilen ?
    4. Kingdra
      I calculated the IV's here they are: 31/4/21/31/0/31 the 31's are in HP, Special Attack, and Speed. I have it ready with the dubious disc, do you want to trade now?
      here's my fc: 2578 4239 5428
    5. Kingdra
      Yeah I have a dubious disc and I finished EV training it 252 spa/252 sp/6 hp but its at level 35 now. I'll look for you tomorrow so we can hopefully make a trade.
    6. dude2.0
      got it from a trade, why?
    7. Kingdra
      Definitely, i'll get back to you when I finish. So does this mean you'll take Porygon2 for Infernape? (if so can you nickname it Infernape with lowercase letters)
    8. danielni
      yes we got
    9. danielni
      OK its okay
    10. Kingdra
      I've only trained it in special attack but i know for sure it has about 200-252 EV's for that stat. I also have all TM's if you want any.
    11. danielni
      ok i can try to clone it self
    12. Kingdra
      I also have LEVEL 25 (slightly touched, but EV trained) MODEST PORYGON2
      Please get back me even if you're not interested so i don't have to waste my time.
    13. Kingdra
      Hey I sent you a message yesterday about your Infernape. I'm really interested. Sorry I don't have a lot to trade for, but something i forgot to mention is the PokeRus virus. Maybe it would help you with your EV training, and i'd be willing to trade one of my pokerus pkmn for Infernape. I can also trade 2 for 1 and I have a few egg move pokemon. Please message me back.
    14. personthatiknow
      So, are we still going to trade? I'm on wi-fi right now and waiting. Please respond quickly!
    15. Mustasiipi
      One Adamant Nidorino and Adamant Glameow have already been promised elsewhere.
    16. Mustasiipi
      Jolly Glameow's IV:s 3/11/12/22/22/11
      Adamant Nidorinos IV:s 12/13/15/1/15/0

      Will trade one for starf + lansat
    17. personthatiknow
      Yes, I still need it. What do you want in return? Also, we should do this via PM. :P
    18. danielni
      i not think it but vil not give you it for free to...
    19. danielni
      ok i do not wanted it if i get nothing...
    20. danielni
      do you have any shinyes? i can do it for 1 legendary shining or 2 normals shinyes
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    Looking For:

    Shinies, EV'd Pokémon,Brightpowder,Events, Timid Kyogre. Careful Regirock, Careful Registeel, Calm Regice, and also the Hadou regis


    Can breed Pokemon upon request

    Berries up to #64,Evolution Stones,Pokerus, Lucky Eggs, Light Balls, Heart Scales, Breedable Pokémon, Rare Candies, Vitamins, Certain TM's, Fossils, Training Pokémon

    Just PM me to discuss :) FC = 3609 3310 0728

    I can only trade during WEEKENDS due to school