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  • Awseme :) Im available today (Friday) and tomorrow too. Yes, I do want them. And no rush. Its been a month since you've worked on them so, like I said Im in no hurry. Later today would be awesome if you could do me that big favor pal :p
    Yeah I have those too :) I was probably going to learn how to but, I don't know what videos to look at. I have all the programs ready too. I was only planing on RNG 5th pokemon only. So, Ill give it a try :) Hey, ok ok, I don't mean to rush you but. I will have the wifi tomorrow at my work and it runs super smooth so If you could have em ready by tomorrow. If you want you can RNG Hippopotas and Borboach instead of the luntatone and solrock While I look for them for you :) How does that sound? XD Ill look for this two and Then Ill send em too you :) Your inbox is full by the way
    I am already with the shiny pinsir in the room.
    Tommorow or soon I will get more shiny. :)
    You're awesom Diam :) Cool shinies. After this one Ill head out and get a junk pokemon for the last shiny ok :)
    I reseted my Pal Pad but I added you then.
    (I changed the DS.)

    If you won't see me after relog then I will check my pal pad and fc.
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