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  • Yeah, I just wish they showed more. And I guess it was said they want Zelda Wii U to be playable at E3 2015, so I don't think it's coming anytime soon. And EA barely showed any Mirror's Edge 2 footage. So this E3 was kinda disappointing for me.
    Idk about how good he'll actually be, but just based on the design I'm liking him.
    Intellectual property, so like Pokémon, Mario, Zelda... pretty much a new game series.
    And yeah, I think Mega Swampert looks sick.
    Yeah, I've played a couple of Zelda games. I'll probably be picking up the new one, assuming they announce one at E3. I'm really hoping Nintendo shows off a new IP, since one of the higher-ups in the company said they were working on one. But then again, last time they said that it ended up being Wii Music. :/
    I'm not sure, I've never played a SSB game before so I haven't been keeping up on news with the new ones.
    I'm hoping EA will talk about Mirror's Edge 2 more than anything. OR/AS news would be nice as well. :)
    Then buy one for SSB4 and Mario Kart! lol The bundle's a pretty good deal. And I'm sure Nintendo has some good stuff planned for E3.
    You looking forward to anything at E3?
    Ah, you excited for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?
    Yeah, I mean it looks like it. I like strategy; competitive Pokemon is all about strategy. So I've been playing a lot of RPGs lately. After I finished X I picked up Bravely Default on release date. Now I'm working on Child of Light on my Wii U. And I'm be picking up Mario Kart 8 on release day tomorrow. So I've got a lot of games to keep me busy. :p
    Yeah, a little lol. Pretty good, been trying to finish up sophomore year alive. Only two more years of high school, thankfully. I've been doing a lot of music related stuff in my free time, some art still. I no longer have a computer as of Friday, though, so that's kind of put a damper on things. I was gonna try to learn competitive battling for the hundredth time, but that's a lot tougher to do without access to a simulator.
    How about you?
    Ok I will let u know. Im thinking a friday night at the end of the month after people's midterms are done
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