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  • Here? Lol

    Shiny wants, everything on this list MUST be legit AND shiny people:
    When I say uncloned, nature, iv's and ut do not matter as long as it's below level 90ish.
    More wants added!
    Any Distant land shinys except togetic
    Level 1 Dialga
    FEAR Rattata nature doesn't matter. (Hatched from egg in shiny with endeavor and quick attack, can provide a raticate with said moves for breeding, iv's and nature don't matter a bit just the moves)
    Shiny registeel and regirock (Can be cloned, have regice)
    Uncloned latias and latios
    Uncloned mewtwo
    Uncloned untouched lugia and ho-oh *Have both uncloned but they're level 100 so I can't ev them*
    Gentle eevee with wish and yawn
    Suicune with 27 - 31 SPATK and speed nature does not matter. I already have the bold caught by Bryan from Distant land. Want one with better IV's.
    Dog collection stuff:
    Kanto suicune (Due to confusion, want the FireRed suicune in shiny not distant land)
    Kanto entei (Same as above suicune)
    Kanto raikou since mine is hacked (Same as suicune)
    Uncloned raikou (any)
    Uncloned suicune (any)
    HG/SS Entei, Raikou, ho-oh, and lugia Japanese
    I'm not looking for anything else at the moment. I no longer require nicknames. I'm trying to start a collection of Safari Zone shinys.

    Safari zone shiny wants:
    These can be cloned.
    These must be from the Safari zone!

    Non shiny wants:
    Mews of the following natures: Hardy, Lonely, Relaxed, Hasty, Rash, Have the rest of the natures.
    Timid or modest suicune with above 27 in SPATK and Speed
    Mmmk, here are some -

    This Wishmaker Jirachi
    Worlds 09 Weavile
    Touched quiet 10th Anniversary Celebi (level 73)
    Adamant Coliseum celebi UT
    Touched Ranger riolu (level 31)
    UT XD Hydro Cannon Totodile (level 5)
    TRU Regigigas Hasty
    TRU Dragonite Mild
    JPN movie Regigigas lonely *uncloned*
    Pikachu colored pichu x2
    Gamestop pichu
    Like 3-4 different manaphys
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